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Elizabeth Sep 2019
The sun light shining through my window but only enough to welcome me to the day. The birds are chirping only waiting for me to rise from my bed, stretch, and meditate for a minute or two. The wafting smell of coffee beans and oatmeal fill my senses as I stroll into the kitchen, but half asleep. The blue sky or maybe grey will greet me as I slide the window open to great the morning air, one with the residue of last nights rain. The morning walkers quickly walk past my window only having a conversation of their own with a friend or a lover. The 5 am shift started and the 6 am is soon to be, the cars cruising past. The children at play before breakfast is served, sidewalk chalk and a box of matchsticks, mom said never to play with. The day looks inviting, may I join?
Kids at play with matchsticks and chalk
III Apr 2019
good piano music
lots of oatmeal

warm and good

eating lots of oatmeal
yum yum **** yea

oatmeal getting lower
bowl getting lighter

do you ever feel like a bowl of good oatmeal
running low on oatmeal

piano music dying
piano music sad

oatmeal almost gone now
reflect on good memories
of plentiful oatmeal

scraping for last pieces
music getting loud

ow it hurts my ear
**** where is all my oatmeal?
Martin Narrod Feb 2018

The mischievous talents of the voice
It’s delicate bombs ripping through
Each footstep to the cool desert air
Where before the sunrise I break from
My two slops of oatmeal to have a cigarette
A Jilleen Nov 2015
Nostalgia is
Clumps of brown sugar in your oatmeal.
Hurts you teeth to bite down,
But it's sugary sweet,
And good for mornings staring into your bowl.
You never really realize how watered down nostalgia is
When you can always add more sweetener
While trying to remember why it was so good in the first place.
the assignment was to compare an emotion to a breakfast food.
Matt Jul 2015
Creamy dreamy
Coach's Oats

I can eat them at home
In a car
Or on a boat

Good for the heart
With soluble fiber
A good way
To start each day

Make sure to eat some
And you will be
More than okay
This steelcut oatmeal is not cut quite as thinly as other brands, and can be cooked a bit faster.  I love steelcut oatmeal.  Many thanks to Costco!
Matt Mar 2015
I am making steel cut oatmeal
Would you care for some?

It is high in soluble fiber
And has essential vitamins and minerals too

Perhaps an avocado
Some raisins or dried apricots
Would be good too

I also have yogurt
Toast and peanut butter
Sugar plum tomatoes too

I could also make you hot chocolate
With whipped cream

Or chamomile tea
If you prefer to drink a bit more healthy

Please enjoy your breakfast with me

— The End —