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Sethnicity May 5
Things Fall Apart
As All Things Do
This universe holds the thread
and we are spinning too
Through gravity ,  
                     magnetism is key
    mandalas      woven
  liquid                glass
       her        folded

  for Food to digest
    but still met with ill repute and Infinite Jest
8 is great!
            but 9 is lucky and 10’s the best
Work with
what I have
Wait, and watch my
will I have
tricks in my vest
Not to mention a footprint proof chest
                No ego
   for eyes times 2 kNOw rest
       Elastic limbs twined by my cleaver clasp
It will be fine this too shall pass
          But Mourning desires birth hungers
and how much longer this must last?

    Awoken in my web whilst the wind whispers late
be it a lost locust or flies in my plate?
be it a dream, or not what it seems?
should I snooze sleep to continue my dream?...  

  I cannot delay
Hustle and Flow
                                 Or destiny may get away
Eve in the hungry owl
rests none day
or night
but between
has become to Its diet

So man waits perched in the thick of it
may not thi s tillness be in vain
May not my Solitude leave me slain
I meditate on the overcoming Victory
in-spite of my plight
Aim my arrow high ahead
though my target out of sight
May my idioms take flight
May they reach destined site

I've laced Arrows of many colors
        for Hearts and Minds
Blood and Tears
Hit or Miss
my fingers still tremble under tension and Fears

But the only way to fly is to let it go
Things Fall Apart
but you've got to let it go.
Now Let IT Go!

My life is justice thread
                   posted in a Spider's web
               only *** knows             Just us
                             Tray bombs    or    Buzz cuts
               I'm just      
     to bee   or    not too       Be-long  
                                     wrapped in cocoon  
a silky pill to feed

          A Spider's Will
On pace we all finish this race

Becoming the blood of a different Race
That spins in Its bit’s web
                       by a single Thread
Holding onto
                               As All Things Do

Like thoughts in my mind...

                          As The Universe Grew
Dedicated to: Spiderman and Charlotte and Ittsy Bittsy and those called four eyes and TOO weird or ****, dumb, spacey, or too different. Who's love was reciprocated with hate. For Those who dared and those who don't dare for fear of failure.
This prayer was woven for you to Let go and let *** (by any name)
You are what you worship and what you worship makes you more than mere ****/man.
Be the Jah you wish to see in the world!  
Suggested listening: Frou Frou - Let Go
An observation
I’m just now aware of
Is that I never really
Write about LOVE!

I do however...

Of time and life
And work and business
Of fear and change
And general silliness.
I write of the past
And my legacy.
And even once on

But not much on love -
So what’s wrong with me?

The reason dear reader is somewhat sappy
As in love and family I’m actually happy!
It’s not they aren’t an inspiration -
But my muse moves best through sheer frustration!
So unless they bring me discontent
My poems remain - my way to vent!
I once got a comment on a poem that I should write more with my heart than my head which troubled me.  But I think I’ve always tried to use writing to work out ideas and frustrations and not as much for appreciation of what is already good - I should consider trying it sometime though  but until then - at least for the moment it is probably better for people to not become the subjects of my poems because it probably means they made me mad or confused! :)

— The End —