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leyana Jul 2019
I must really get under your skin
Maybe that's why you are mean
Why don't you give it a rest?
Am I really a pest?

I am not insecure
You have a heart that's unpure
They call me a *****
It broke my heart, now it can never be stitch

They say, "you're full of crap!"
But, you can never bring me down
Nor make me frown, not anymore

I know I'm going to be a star
So, thanks for giving me this scar
Please bury yourself in the tar
And watch me as I drive my fancy car
I wrote this poem 2 years ago to show sincerity to all the bully victims like me. Please help me stop bullying everywhere especially at schools to help lessen the suicide cases of young kids and teenagers.
Poetry Art Sep 2017
❝  i am commonly mistaken,
to be the answer for your hatred,
the result of your depression,
and the end of your misery,

i am used by people,
to suppress the pain,
forget the agony,
and escape the nightmare that they face,

yet i am the reason,
why each person close to your heart,
experience the pain,
and face their darkest nightmare,

i am the reason,
why they experience agony,
encounter depression,
and starts feeling the misery,

your loss is their downfall,
so please stay away from me,
i can't be your friend,
and we can't be together  ❞

— The End —