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Tanya Louise Apr 2018

the questionable truth
will always hunt you down
fill my lungs
in pressured parts

note the love
oh stupid parts
ponder the affection
creeping up on me

foolish lungs
they fail me
the touch to fear
too much my dear

my scream will be heard
drowned in silence
we will be feared
not knowing the tear

i laugh and laugh
wishing in your parts
we'll delve in the stars
my lover, my wonder
hello fellow wanderers of HP...
Chris Calkins Jan 2018
once upon a time
i thought that if i scratched away at my skin hard enough
i could peel the layers far enough back
to reveal someone else inside
someone who wouldn't be judged
someone who was some semblance
of normal
it didn't work
because there is no normal in me
there is only pain and confusion and fear
now all that's left of those
happier times
are the scars that litter my body
like a trashcan
tipped in the wind
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
All I crave is a human's touch
Is that asking to much
I don't mean ***
I'm not trying to vex
A touch on the hand
In passing you don't have to stand
A small little hug
My shoulders a rub
In touch in passing
Nothing that's lasting
I just won't to feel normal
As I rock in the corner
Now I'm actually believing,
What I've always tried to prove wrong;
Because it's not right.
Although now I'm not that sure.
This is how I am,
And not how I want to be.
You'll read this and say change it.
But it's not something I can edit.
I can't think of what to do.
I've lost my hope and lost my faith.
I just wanted to be more normal!
God, can't you give me a break!
I don't want to be the same as others,
But I just don't want to be different this way.
I'm not going to spell it out for you.
It's not something I want to explain.
You shouldn't be able to get it.
And if you don't then I am glad,
But I really feel like I'm mad.
No wonder I'm a reject,
But they didn't even know what this is about.
If anyone did then,
I would truly have no chance.
I wish this was something I could change.
I wish when I said "I am normal!"
I wouldn't find out any different.
A couple of feet taller,
Yet seeming more unfortunate.
you won't understand my view on it because I haven't said, but you might relate in your own different way and if so I hope this comforts you. I know it's not a poem of comfort but I find reading poetry in general comforting.
nichole r Jun 2014
They think I am normal
if they even think of me at all.
But oh, if only they know
my mind is
black and frying
grey and booming
white and blinding
brown and dying
purple and bruising
blue and flashing
green and living
yellow and shining
orange and glowing
red and bleeding
pink and kissing
too much
for me

— The End —