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ChildofGodyay Aug 2018
afraid to ruffle your feathers, i avoid your waves.
i lie so that you won't be annoyed, "the usual."
am i your servant that i should be afraid? That i should be...pleasing you?

ashamed of my life.
ashamed of something, someone that gave me life.
i shouldn't be ashamed of saying "God."
i shouldn't be ashamed of hesitant to say "Lord"

i am not gonna say sorry.
i am not gonna say sorry for something i did right.
so please.
listen to me.
thank you for listening to my mess.
hear me out on this.
hehe i shouldn't be ashamed of saying God or Lord in my poems or what i say.
Jaanam Jaswani Jan 2015
I blame myself for distasteful stupidity;
This inability to conceptualise my sentiment.
I'm magnetic to your waffled fingers, and you're blind
To palpability.

Your purity pours into me like a purgation I've never known;
A thousand sins, each recognised, loved.
How many words have we swapped?

I pine, boy, and ponder upon the postulates you follow
To place a seed into my soul.
Must I really bury my affections for you?

*Saya ingin berdiri sebelah kamu, sebagai putri raja kamu.

— The End —