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Rob Dec 2020
I am now an Honorary Fellow of a college somewhere,
But nobody tells me what I am to do! ******!
Best that I swan about, quietly munching on a pear,
Hang on! already do that, not giving a ****!

Too many pears, however, give me colic,
I double up in pain, that lasts all morning,
And bang goes my next naked frolic!
Perhaps swanning about needs a health warning?

No! what I lack is money, and possibly a purpose in life,
For sale! a barely used yak herder’s tent,
Mmm lovely! but not really me, better find a rich wife!
Then give up pears! and swan about, so smug and content.
Sometimes I torture myself finding the right word or rhyme. The opposite with this.  A news item piqued my interest and I fired this straight off. Have not changed a word. Perhaps some will argue that I should! But such a relief to get something down on paper without too much stress or agony.
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
It’s all art,
everything that surrounds us,
no time for the hate life’s to short,
it’s all good no stress,

all bless,
this is God Sense,
not Common Sense,

there’s a difference,
and it’s significant,
we operate off instinct,
the connection’s intrinsic,

that it,
nothing else,
it’s all art,
if it’s at all felt,

it’s all art,
everything that surrounds us,
no time for the hate life’s to short,
it’s all good no stress…

∆ LaLux ∆
juttu Nov 2017
I wanted to jump
A twelve foot fall wouldn't do much harm
Would probably break a bone or two
But would save me from a bigger fall

They would put me on the strongest legal narcos
I could spend a week or two
On the recliner bed in a TV room
With the nurses just a click away
Visitors would be a major pain
But the visits would cease in a couple of days
Then they would forget
or wash their guilt with a phone call

I was tempted to jump
They would call an ambulance
With blaring sirens and nervous men
And a poor soul stuck in the traffic
Would squeeze his vehicle in desperation
To make way for the ambulance
And his friend would go
"लगता है आज फिर किसी ने jump मार दी?"
The setting sun inspires me
to settle all my affairs of the day
to let all stresses fade away
into the deep velvet purple sky
and allowing all the daily problems
to disappear silently into the horizon
Teresa garza Feb 2016
Instead of growing old can I grow young
can I go back to no stress no worries
just daisies and fun
oh when I was young
can I swing as high as possible
and try to get high enough to fly
can I twirl around in a dress
with my hands up it the air
can I remember the days
exploring in the woods
getting new ideas for games
can I go back to the days
where I was young
care free and happy
where I had it together
and giggled at what ever
where I had fake weddings in the back yard
and my favorite stuffed pig
I never watched my weight
or what was on my plate
I smiled at the time
and never had a daemon
man if I could go back to that time
just for a day

— The End —