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These are not,  "possibilities,"
decisions are already made.
You do not live in a democracy.
War is coming; Iran and Syria.

Nuclear Supremacy is not an,
"ideal," or notion, it is a fact.
They are stating a fact.
Not opinion, -they intend to do it.

I used To think that if you readE,
read enough, studied, you'D see?
Brighter minds would stop it!
"Fool;" those minds are planning it!

Policy Papers are not policy at all,
they are cushions, a softening pillory.
Designed to lay a foundation.
Where you play sucker for war.

-New World Apocalypse-
Francie Lynch May 2017
Some drive big cars,
Brag of deep scars
To prove they have big ******;
Some grow goatees,
Axe down huge trees,
Or chew on edible *******.
Real men, I've heard, eat Wheaties,
Enjoy lap dance stripteases,
Build towers with their empties,
The bravado is relentless.

Kim Jong Un,
Thinks his long
In his munchkin hands.
He does private battle
With his androgynous name;
While playing with lead soldiers;
Unsheathing a stainless sabre,
Lighting up his candles,
To show he's macho manly.
And I know androgynous names, like Francie.
Jim Davis Apr 2017
"A super mighty"
Threatened as "preemptive strike"
From North Korea

©  2017 Jim Davis
Sorry, couldn't resist!  Let's hope for peace!
Francie Lynch Jan 2016
The air is charged and ominous,
A stench is settling on us,
Like ashes on our skin.
How did this begin?

Bones held in hands
Took foreign lands;
Fires on sticks
Extinquished the magic
That once held us in awe.

Then the sky's truly lit,
They've fired bigger sticks
From beneath the waves,
Into the air,
Or silos hidden
Below the stars,
With candles brighter than before,
That darken skies,
Turn day to night,
And colour our skin
With ashes.
N. Korea has just tested their H-Bomb.
Kurt Kanawa Apr 2014
jokes, no limits
everybody needs to laugh, to dream
so let's rush and get away
spend the weekend with vampires
extroverts not needed

just need a friend to get by
(or i'd probably go insane)
read, write, listen with me
don't think i don't care about you:
of all the somethings and someones,
nothing compares to this, to you
first letter of each line spells the name.

— The End —