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Alicia Aug 2020
I play house wife
for a place to rest my head
just another hole in the wall
that's not how the song goes
a rich friend wants to die
and the world wants to **** us
heightened magical beliefs when
everyone is afraid
everything that seemed
unreal is familiar
it is coming to life today
to take us away
or not but either way
I am on my last layer
the gas station pit stop
just before ****** boot to floor
no outlet sign
doesn't mean stop
because its been "**** the cops!"
**** the clock
and all things that **** people who
don't want to die
this parallel told me
"run, get out"
yesterday, or sometime ago
you know how similars confuse me
gasping for purified air
with the smell of death stuck to my hair
and I ******* swear
I'm getting out of here
Light House Aug 2016
...I would let it all out.

I wish I had a punching bag -
I would punch, breathe, & shout.

I would go-on & on & on & on
bout after bout after bout -
& then I would go- on,
another ninety rounds.

Clout after clout after clout.
until I broke the chain
with a jab, or hook, or uppercut –
with an arm like a train.

I wish I had a punching bag….
I’d finish it with a kick,
to its chest -- like a brick --
just like a crane.

For I am the rain….
Now let me end this drought!
Enough is enough – 1, 2, 3, 4….
I win.

              by total-knockout.

— The End —