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Umi Jul 2018
Even if I’m alone now, from our yesterdays,
Today is born sparkling,
Like the day when we first met
But what good is a heart if it keeps on aching,
Spirit away in the stream of thoughts, the answer is unclear, always.
Even if I sink even deeper into the embrace of the sea,
I will remember the light of better days,
The whereabouts of the heart have faded,
The kiln has no flame to possess,
Cinder is what is left of this burnt away past.
Mother Purity has been staned by anger,
Sympathizing with fury is a lost cause,
A widdow without a child who cries for help,
But who will answer but the voices from within ?
At least the ghost of the night carried her to sleep,
At least she doesn't have to die in a dream.
The dream which shattered long ago

~ Umi
Katzenberg Aug 2015
The remains of love we left behind render the wisdom of our tears,
just like a bomb in the heart, a beating, a bound, a lightning in the sky...
we expect something from this world. Maybe not.
These visions of grim and obsolete grief believe in my particular way to solve these dreams;
What is happiness but a dream?
A slumber composed by attributes of trembling fishes and sad cats.

I hear someone yelling at my shadow, telling me that she was there all along, and I did not notice before.
She was like a lament, lovely spreading like a plague;
her motion reminds me of a quite afternoon in the meadow, chamomile tea and snacks of honey;
her eyes were just like stones, falling right into my lungs,
her hair... O Lord! It was like a galaxy, another milky way surrounded by the same amount of black holes the time ever gave, that hair consumes what is left of my personal reality;
the mass of Jupiter, the sleep of Saturn, the mystery of Kuiper belt,
There was no other chaos in the universe so beautiful as her,
because she is allowed to destroy everything we know and reset the laws of the universe, and guard the old Earth within the echoes of a distant dying star, which happens to be the jagged legacy of my youth.
But not in her space, not her planets, only her own rules of the cosmos that serve to herself and herself only,
specially everytime she sings to the sea.

If I could judge the taste of her voice, it's unlikely to state, it's like a new kind of lemon dessert, or sinking the bare hand in a sack of beans;
She is the last incarnation of Galatea, this beautiful machine.
That's what she is. That's why I fell in love with her.
Aurora borealis, Horse Nebula, Andromeda and Zeta Reticuli, from Cassiopea to the depths of Aldebaraan, standing between Ursa Major and Betelgeuse. That is the measure of her spirit, so warm and cozy;
like the lap of a mother during the war, the careful walk of a cat in the night, the eyes of a giant squid, the joints of a china doll, the dust long settled in a basement abandoned 28 years ago.
The last otherwordly dream duel for the fate of humanity, and the conquest of the spirit, that brave and savage impureness we call soul.
I think I know what she is:
another way to die unkown to life standars, my hopeful unrequited love,
that's what she is,
carries destruction in every step, and gives life back with a smile,
she is imposible, she is perfect, she'd never be mine, but she's somewhere in this dream
and that's fine with me.
Paul Sands Feb 2015
The clouds grow plump as they eat what is left of the afternoon sky and, while I search for a girl with marrowfat eyes, bid their shadows roll up the sunshine; place it on the shelf until tomorrow, and in that husky flatness, where solids briefly hide their faces, I recognise the garlic which hangs in my kitchen window is no such thing, but a ghost, a dusty deceit, a cosmopolitan boast of no culinary use.
Yet in a different light, a bluer site, I find a girl with naught but a single hair sprouting from her for’ead, to which she attached a flashing light, for fishing in the dead of night, and her cats’ love her all the more for it, dinner and a show, so there I dropped a cloth, a piece of which longed to be a clock, in need of sound and being, and all the while that it pleaded, the coffee maker gasped for its own attention

— The End —