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Joseph Rice Sep 2019
Heart's quiescence defies hope's recreance.
Resigned to singular endeavor,
Connection's Desert Delver
decries society's conformity salve.
Bearing burns by breaking-

Ashes pile on the ground.
Sarah Adams Aug 2019
I saw what the world wanted me to be
I saw the projections  and figures everywhere
I saw the expectations, the social constructs
the suggestions, the insistence
and then
i stopped looking
I took away the mirror and let it fall to the floor
a million pieces
I invited my seven years of bad luck
so I could stop looking.
I looked within myself instead.
I stood on the edge of the mountain, where society wanted to push me over the edge
I stood on the edge of the ocean, where it wanted the waves to drown me
I clung to the earth, where it's winds and currents would rather have me swept away.
I stood there and I screamed.
I bellowed into the deepest valley, and across the sea
I wanted every ear to feel the sound
I howled until my lungs felt free
" E N O U G H "
rejecting the false image pushed upon me
I looked within myself and found the universe when the earth wanted to swallow me whole.
My reflection belongs to me,
this world cannot contain me
but it tried to own me
Self liberated
from imposed shackles.
Heather Ann Oct 2018
i dream of domestication
while being nailed to the picket fence of perfection.
six figures;
i hold his hand in my right.
my reflection in the mirror is split in two
because i threw stones and ruined your view.
in my left, her hand is warm,
and we're making less than the man twenty stories up.
i've been kicked to the bottom,
but she tastes so sweet.
you see, it's bitter;
i'm two halves
and they're begging me to be whole.
call it what you want, but i'll hold them both.
Wordsmith Jul 2018
I look out in wonder as my story unfolds
However I try, I fit no mold

I try to conform, only to witness a storm
So great a weight, on so small a form

I keep true to self and let belief ensue
For why should conformities dull my hue

The questions afloat, the answers unfound
They say when one is lost, one is found
raingirlpoet Nov 2017
what happens when i no longer like your pink, sweet, version of me you’ve curated?
what would happen if i erased all colour completely?

no, i’m not talking about choosing blue over pink or yellow or green
“gender neutral” clothing isn’t any shade on the colour wheel

i’m talking about if i never associated the colour pink with femininity
and blue with masculinity

and yellow and green with “gender neutrality”

what if my life was just void of colour?

like if i were to say i didn’t feel like a girl nor a boy
nor the brief possibility of both

i just feel
like that grey space in between the most diluted shades on the colour wheel

would you still force me to call myself “daughter”?
~Christi Michaels~January 2015~

Always too Much
Followed by too Little
Flawed in my ability
To understand
how to balance the two

Always too Much
Followed by too Little
Left with not knowing what to do.

Since the day of my birth
Till the day of today
My own nemesis
Every step of the way

As if the wrong download
was set into place
Incongruent with my gentle beauty
My comfortable face
Always too Much
Followed by too Little

I am flawed in my ability
Born without the understanding
Of how to balance the two
Always too Much
Followed by too Little
Left with not knowing what to do

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
There used to be a time
when I kept all my radical ideas inside
but that is finally changing.

I used to bottle each and every nonconforming idea
inside of me and never brought it up
not in the building of dimly lit halls ever.

I’ve changed that and simply stopped giving a ****
because none of these people can potentially harm me
and if I have some value I hold highly then I will bring it up
in the context it makes sense in.

Don’t sit around and absorb this culture of peer pressure.
Don’t take in each and every useless thing they want you to.
Don’t simply follow instead be a Prime Mover with your thoughts.

Spread that ideology because frankly, it’s all you got
even if they disagree and can’t handle it, **** em’
because if they can’t handle being challenged
then they clearly don’t understand the point of life.

— The End —