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Braulio Romero Jun 2014
A soft thud from the sky
It was only rain falling on the ground and it formed a desperate puddle
There are sounds being done on purpose
How ghastly have you tossed and turned
I was sitting next to my friend in his home and then I heard such a frightful noise outside
Sirens and these sirens kept going on forever
An emergency test that echoed like torture

Is it the government or the holy?
Should I keep staring up so high and wait until they shine the light
I met a man in a sharp suit across the street and was gone before he told me
Trust no one
He ran and ran and man did I ran
Maybe a devil is in the brain
Strange sounds began to occur in the world
Everyone stopped on their toes

Loud noises in the streets
Loud noises in your sleep
Loud noises in the thoughts
Loud noises from the war
Loud noises from the children in the neighborhood
Loud noises of guns, battles and fights

— The End —