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Toast Ghost Apr 17
Earth has a broken family,
Mother nature left to drink and play in Vegas.
Father Earth couldn't take the life he was left with. He hung himself with lilac vines.
Earth is all alone, even with the millions of bad people living on her skin she feels like she doesn't really fit in.
Earth smokes with the stars and sleeps with the moon.
What a lonely existence with the rain in the room.
Honestly I just felt like I had to write something
K Balachandran Mar 2015
We ventured in to the garden of night's Eden
two intrepid adventures seeking a fruit forbidden.
Night delights in it's prospects of dangers kept hidden
in the darkest part eyes go blind is laid out  it's biggest plan,
in frozen silence of deeper layers, lie in wait the predators
they told us, but we were deaf to the admonitions then.

Her hot  breath on my naked chest, where sweat poured like rain
felt not ticklish, as earlier, this, is a secret tap of the finger of fear ,
we didn't flash the light, not to alarm the beasts, held the breath.
In the percolating drops of wet green light,of fluorescent moon
she points up to a tree branch, close by and I view  in disbelief:
A python, its speckled noose ready, keeps vigil, darkly dreaming,
intently listening to the ascending aria of a nightingale's song.

— The End —