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Joshua Dougan Jan 2017
Are we alt-right? Are we alright?
When definitions change will all see it outright?
Go ahead be proud, eat hash.
Understand the insecurities of the backlash.
For now Lets try this Tea. (You see?)
With open mind and objectivity.
And there never was a girl I loved quite like you,
but I'm sitting here thinking that we are through,
because how I can get back to how things used to be,
when I looked at you, and you smiled me,
and there we were kissing on that New Years eve,
didn't think one day you'd up and leave,
still, if you looked at me and smiled and said
"I love you boy get it into your head"
then I'd open my arms and I'd open my heart
because you my dear are a work of art.
The hug that felt like everything, would really be alright.
The kiss that without a doubt, had easily made my night.
The girl that I am falling for, without a single fear.
The relationship I'm wishing for, is drawing ever near.
SøułSurvivør Dec 2015
as i wish
upon a star
this lonely
new year's eve
i won't be
going anywhere
and yet i will
not grieve
i only hope
the gift i wish
will surely
be received

i ask
in heaven
for the blessings
of your youth
that you'd dream
just as a child
and those
dreams will become

that ink would flow
from wells so deep
that starlight's
in the quill
that the parchment's
as endless
as the measure
of your

and then
i would that
where they shook
wherever you look
in the

that each star
that winks above
as far as
you can see
will be a blessing given
and you'll know
it's from



your friend

Connor Mar 2015
Empyrean ocean
sifting silken under moonlight.
Pure and dawn the memory of bonfires
and hymns passing like fading auras
echoing into the firs.
I sit on a lawn chair whiskey in hand
head loosely let back
while we wait for the end of one year
and the start of another.
Drunken voices speak
faint topics inside the cabin a few meters off,
it's silent here a picture settling
over our temporary breath of history,
smoke escaping our lips and entering
the haze of reminisce.
Fire crackling contained roars warmth
like freckled arms laced around our skin
and eyes heavy set in the sheath of heat
resounding the field
while winter's dew is pollinating the lawns.
Celebration on all corners of the world
Big Apple bumper to bumper
metropolitan hysteria
I'm smiling
the crowds gathered around palettes burning
to ash like the universe
sparklers lit small stars
fizzling dancing midst the embers
I'm dying beautifully
You are too
Indonesian Summer on the horizon it's all
so hopeful and you can't help but think idealistically  in times like these
take a break from the bombs and the wars
for oil or in the name of god and let the air soak through your lungs
refreshing the world refreshing our youth
we have so much time soon to be so little
it all goes by too quickly somehow
our eyes are gleaming
lips wide in radiance
kisses kissed hearts lifting
up in flame
what will we be another year from now?
where is it we cry next?
who and where is our next great love?
how do we hurt and when?
what does it take to recover?
I'm sure we'll find a way
it's only a few hours to morning now
always is somewhere I suppose
and here starts a new odyssey,
everything is getting older
and newer all at once,
the fire is still glowing.
Nirvana goes on dancing
inside us.

— The End —