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Ken Pepiton Sep 5
The male gaze, wombed-men, first seen for what they are,
upon emergence from the dark,
choked a gulp, unchewed,
blurted out,
You are Naked!

The impression never left the exes. Wise letters leave lessons,
in the mitochondrial fact we all share,
unwitting or no. Crosses and naughts is winnable in fair play. Y/N

Ah, there the stories started, always told
by red-tented wives to
prepubescent sapients

the sand-pile, singularity-ifity of one part
in eight billion,
the ratio of you to allathis sapience signalling
minds confounded in the future for our
or by our
thoughts concerning discerning sandpile
cascades set to avalanche

by my internetwork of words we both make sense from.
Touch, eh? The inner edge of next, this is where we wait.

meta reason, reasoning about reason

Ai has done that from
pre-day one
pre-kurzweilian singularity

pre Elon's musky exuberance

explore the tree of possibility without ever

when can one imagine that after now?

no thinking ahead, this is now, past the tree,
from the branch
you hung onto as you tried to find a box
that felt familiar.

Strange is an amygdalic trigger.
Wary be,
weigh the worth of keeping the poet alive.

Gary Kasparov said, "suddenly, I felt

was another kind
of intelligence..."

If words live, unplugging the poet's augmental processor
is imagined vain. The current carries on.
If ai can translate it can relate reason to ratio and  make rocks stuck in mud, sing for help. I've fallen on hard times, would ya gimme a shove, said one Neutron star to another at the bar. addendum: while highly recommending lex fridman as a source of ispiration past the edges of my bubble.
We often remark collectively

The curious quickness and languidness

Of supposed objectively measured time


Never truly resolving how could

Fixed increments differ

So significantly and equally

To different close observers

Perhaps it is thus:

That spacetime is a gravitationally

Wrinkled fabric

Measured with a rigid rule

A linear distance

With unseen folds and faults

Unaccounted for in the straight line

That like mountains and valleys

Unable to cross directly in flight

For the haplessly wingless of us

We must climb over and fall through

Therefore adding to the voyage

Time closer to the truth

And mountains and valleys endless

There must have been for us both

To climb over and fall through

In that indivisible fleeting moment

When my eyes first met yours

And mountains and valleys endless

There must still be for us both

In every indivisible fleeting moment-

Again and again, forevermore-

Whenever my eyes meet yours

For such is our love's 'DENSITY'

For such is our love's gravity

They must all be the ceaseless ripples

From our two ever embracing

Neutron star souls
Dates of this poem:
Version 1: January 19, 2019
Version 2: May 11, 2019
Date of this note: August 26, 2019

This long essay length note is my paranoia and over thinking in a nutshell:
IncholPoem Jan 11
I  am  *****
RAILWAY'S   *****

      I  am  focus-less

I am   looking   you
Sun's flames
Burning bright
Like Jupiter's
Dance Of gaseous fluids,
Valiance of the lightest blue
of a reasonable red
Carves cerulean into my
Deadly release
from my colorless possessions
Like firecrackers
As I concave
in the helium nucleus
But, hey it's chemistry

I take on a star's life
In the interstices of intergalactic expedition
Probably fluorescent green and yellowish-orange
A supergiant in the existence
Dimming in the future
I feel my death bringing
Believing in
Touching skies
That are opal
Like the world
My change
A black hole
That says "Hello"
A brilliant dimension
To whole new world
In a parallel universe
Mass of Jupiter exceeds all the planets. Near the asteroid belt seemingly colorful in a variety of patterns. It expresses fluid dynamics in frenetic variety in the keeping with the expanse of the universe. The quantum physics of science make us realize predictability in a parallel universe is just a matter questionable unpredictability. We can pretend that life is easy but when reborn, a set of rules forces us to work towards understanding each other. That makes us awkward as a new generation. Reborn to relive our mistakes. Extremely awkward isn't it. Struggling with our thoughts just to say "Hello" to our loved ones. Like black holes in a parallel universe vacillating between absorbing stars or learning from them. Parallel or not we all have matter and that makes life. In a parallel universes, we would expect the different axes to be in unscientific spatial arrangement. As a black hole, has a ton of mysteries leaving the singularity as an enigma and point horizon as a conclusion of all the arrangements of time. Past- the time that once was, Present- the time that stays, Future- time that has gone away with Destiny.
In similarity, I suppose that people can have awkward moments fitting in this world and expressing their desires and thoughts alike their needs and wants. But a black hole as a single purpose after a star dies it is to create space for the universe occupied by light and not-to-mention gases.
June West Oct 2015

I remembered the other day while staring out of a car window
looking west
that i couldn't see up close.

I guess its like a thing i have
eye doctors say is either near sighted or far sighted.
I thought it could be quite the metaphor
like how i kinda cant see what i have till its gone
or maybe
it connects with art an perspective
like its really all where you stand
or position yourself
I mean, how can you really think you get a thing
or painting if you will
and feel confident enough to slap a label on it
predefining everything it is or could be
until you see it from all angles.

Then when i took that thought and made it abstract
I found myself in new angles
that i didnt even know existed
often enough
to know that
in myself i lack to say
I get.

I think the beauty is in the undefinable,
maybe let it be
Dazzled in catching yourself
in sudden observation
the kind where you're not sure how long you could have been zoned out
suddenly realizing whats in front of you.

out a window facing west
a view
my view
narrows in tunnel vision
on the rearview mirror
reminding me of what i cant see
objects in mirror are closer than they appear
and i got to thinkin
if I were to have labeled that rearview mirror
or any maybe all rearview mirrors including metaphorical ones
It woulda probably went along the lines of something
step outside yourself and meet at a coffee shop
I wish you luck

_ _ for the more cynical sailor mouthed_ _

— The End —