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You can’t walk to Moon
Neither can you walk to Sun
Never will red, or Ring help
The second planet always mourn

Negotiate and Negotiate

27 moon in its orbit
yet an startling soul

The blue planet and
One closest to the Sun
just hems round and round

The gas giant planet just
hangs and hangs
and its Great red spot
would not let us even toll

Out of her core, Out of her heart
Day by Day Earth falls
And none can help!
red-Mars, Ring-Saturn,The second planet-Venus,   blue-Neptune, 27 moon in orbit-Uranus, Gas giant and Great red spot-Jupiter, Closest to sun-Mercury
should the old team not
like you being at the place
they'll promptly vacate
your personal space

it pays not to rub them
up the wrong way
if you do that'll shorten
the length of stay

evictions can occur
without a warning's alert
which will find you
on the outer outskirt

they are proficient
in hurling weight around
on taking objection
to any unwanted sound

these landlords won't
negotiate tenancy time
they'll dispose of you
like a luckless dime

— The End —