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Sweet and strong flower
Set aside
having to deal with all the excess power
Politics corrupt the once functional family
She must shelter her only son
As the vulture's attack...
the press never tells solid truths...
Here it comes, another scandal "proclaimed"
by those creative nut-sacks.
She is forced to wear a smile
even though she is stronger than they may think or may know
Like "Superman" she disguises herself as Clark Kent
Acting mild and mild-mannered
although I know, she is a lot  like me
She is tough, independent, and wishing to fly free
She loves her country and family
however, she needs to save herself
As her once true love's attention was once with her, romantic
it is now more than for her. As it may benefit us in country
Family cannot be ruled like such
He needs to open his welded eyes focused too much on his family's dwindling attention
The coldness of false affections...
Doesn't the Trumpeter know?
As he sounds the "call of unity"
He needs antibiotics for his family's separation and diseases
from cold and empty and less feeling family halls
that makes them shake and sweat from the afflicted worries
As he cleans up the country...He needs to fix his family
Through these heartbreaking attacks
where Daddy has a lack of his heart beating
To them, he needs to show love's Breezes.
She shall finally break out and leave for more promised lands
where he stands, wondering, "Why?"
As she melts down their wedding bands.
She shall do the job that both parents do.
This is such a story set askew.
"Do your job," she does it well.
The haters can all go to their fiery deserved Hells.
Families deserve their "quiet and private eras"
Not to be run by Him like a well "oiled Factory"
The family might be citizens of this country"
That we all love and support him in doing a job "well done!"
In her heart, it does way a ton.
"Enough is enough"
"I am not a fragile and wilting flower"
She shall stand, to all, showing her pure beauty in strength
As she fights they ill faded and critical mouth's showers.

I call her "The Sweet and Strong Flower"
Not as a diss
It is more than this...
It is a compliment.
Beauty is only skin deep
As such are stereotypes...
They are made by the thin-skinned and weak minded...
As she shall show, through time...Her true inner power...
She is the one with tact and true-hearted plans
For country and foremost, family.
She shall be the one to point the last finger
"I've been the one, to your misfortuned future, to prevented such... to you I reminded.."
"Stay obsessed with a job, a career, or power"
"Since I'm not your Definition"
"A weak and Fragile Flower."
Dedicated To Melania Trump. I am a huge Trump Supporter...But, heck guy, your family needs you. especially your fine and strong wife.

— The End —