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byron Johnson jr Oct 2020
I do my best work when I am cold
I used to see a dead canvas and grow bold
Starring into the depths I had something to mold
Putting pieces back together and making gold
I didn’t care about the wreckage
I worshiped the damage
I filled the empty with a curse
Brought life to the worst
Pulled strings so tight that the seams would burst
My magic was black and wrong but also right
I sliced smiles into faces and ripped hearts from the grieving
Always the enemy always a threat
My intentions were pure as cruel as they were
Once dead now alive
No thanks are necessary
A life for a life is a is a fair price
Am I right?
zebra Mar 2018
my step mom comes over to my office intermittently
turns on the computer and opens the emails
in the dark of night
making all cheery bright and lighted for my mourning arrival

so kind of her
making sure things are ready to go
she always the epitome of efficiency

did i mention
she's been dead now for over 20 years

did i mention we are lovers
sadly never in the flesh
always an unspoken ache during the living years
when we where near
a relentless unrequited love still burning
like fire licks and scorching lips
trussed thighs spread wide
twisting swarms of wet tongues lapping
in each others bellies
and lungs
her feet in my mouth

so now free from others
the dead do what they **** well please
and on the slippery side of life
so do i
its about time!

did i mention her soft kisses
her dancimg *******
and soft round belly

didn't mean to get carried away again
the scent of her **** that veiled wet jewel
as she walked passed me
demon smiling innocence
sending me into a swoon
as she floated across a foot worn floor
with her beautiful pink angular toe
**** ticklers

am i repeating myself?

how sad i am that i never got on my knees
to brush my lips against her drool
to see her widen her haunches
inviting me; glaring madness
out the sides of her eyes

to work my way up
to her lurid dark fruit
hot ****  butter

your dead mom
but your here now
turning on the computer
and watching **** with me
dressed up for a hot blood
star spangled glitter ****
staring into my soul like only the dead can
taking positions the living could never imagine
oh my pretzel girl

we kiss reckless raw naked
all furious *** toys smushing raw mouths
and eat each other like hot apple bend over

yes mom so dark the things we do
that the living dare not ever think
blood suckers
yes my beloved
even die for each other sweetly
over and over again
lat minute kisses for the thin air road

dead and dead
in love in bed

that's how the breathless ****
all tender kisses
till hell breaks lose
till bloods **** pulse eschews
till all is lucid comatose ****
we enter heaven
stooping to hell for pleasures sake
letting go to
******'s purge
like waves from the cities of our guts
the sacred sin of the flesh

no taboos for ******* ghouls

and you once again turn hollow
a transparency
falling through my embrace like dust

will you come back tomorrow
turn on the computer
or better yet
maybe visit in a night dream of tangled caresses?

a day haunt
dancing leg show
in a smooth white pearl bath tub
stained with spider webs of coos
wild naked mouth
brooding slippery dark *******
and feral tongued kisses
red as wild cherry  blood
mouth to **** to **** to *** to *****
to cries and silver whispers
to be possessed?

sometimes love
never dies.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
One upon a time
In ancient Tibet
There was an evil
Buddha Tenpa
Who used is tantric mastery
To bring back
His lover
And consort
From the bowls of hell
To be with him
And misused
His enlightenment
And spiritual knowledge
To raise the dead
To take down his
The foreigners
Who ****
His love.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Tonight we raised the dead
In the morning buried it
Under the pillow of your bed
Never to be resurrected again
Merry Apr 2018
I'm in the business of misery
And business is good
Lying, crying eyes
And eyeing crying lies

Death and life
Life and death
Eternity in a wooden case
A final home

You give me some coin
And give me some qi
That's when eternity
Can become piety
Borne of forgiving alms

It's a sin
It's a beautiful evil
To bring back one's love
Back from behind The Veil

Sweet nightmares
And terrifying dreams
Rest well
Without rapture

With the singing of my song,
And the swing of staff,
The chant of my scriptures,
And my daemon in tow,
We can wish you
The very best

Because my business
Is your business
And your misery
Is my money

But it's worth every penny
I have a satisfaction guarantee
Just close your eyes
And hold your breath,
Then awake in something
Better than life
And stolen from death
Max Southwood Jun 2017
Feel the burn of desire scorch your insides
Feel the warmth from the spilling of seed
My darkness is deep within you

Setting out on this campaign of lust,
Our bodies tangle, indulging in the pleasure of the flesh

Eat me up, swallow me whole,
As I fill myself with you
We are ouroboros
Lady Ravenhill Apr 2017
The craft brings fire
Flame burns the woods
The fault rest with you
The graves brings your end
©Ladyofravenhill 4/6/17
tamia Nov 2016
the enchantress is on the hunt tonight—
behind her veil hides a porcelain doll's face.
when you smell the fragrance of dreams and death,
you know she is coming.

be wary, you are doomed:
take her spell,
be dizzy in her love like moonlight
let her song deafen you
let her magic have you dumbfounded
let her poison seep into your veins;
"honey, you don't need necromancy to know i'm your fate, your future" she says,
as she brews her poison
to be sipped like wine.

the enchantress is on the hunt tonight
she's out to get you,
there's no way out except in,
into the twisted world of the strange occult queen who always wins.
Axel Apr 2015
Beneath blackened earth, where majestic death gave birth..

Lies Sir Roderick so very still.

Claire wanders and wonders if there is something more,

beyond life she can explore...

In a tome of darkened lore

answers were cast at the question.

If only a mild suggestion

of necromantic, a spell.

To take back a soul from hell....

Claire descends in Roderick's tomb.
They will be united soon..

Indeed it is a graverobber's plight, to take care of such a wondrous sight.

Little Claire did not care, as she played with raven hair.

Words dripped from her lips, as she read from the bloodied tome..

The atmosphere drenched in a shivering tone..

going through marrow and cutting through bone.

Lay still your beating heart, let flow your sea of life..

Come back from Death and love thine wife..
A sacrifice with children's blood she gave

Roderick now ascends from his mouldy grave.

His flesh looks putrid and vile..

Dilly, dally the maggots wriggle

Claire comforts with a single giggle.

Now they dance, hand in hand.

They kiss in brittle moonlight

his tongue like broken glass, such delight.

So full of joy was Claire, as Roderick was festering in his chair.

Claire did not care, playing with raven hair.

Roderick still festering, festering in his chair.

Then she nodded, nearly napping, one last spell inside her head.

Command Sir Roderick to share her bed.

Little Claire was nowhere to be found...

Chewing, drooling, smacking....

Followed by a clamour and loud cracking.

Lay upon the bed, Sir Roderick and Claire.

Sir Roderick did not care, playing with her raven hair.

Loathsome Claire was united no more..

Her cannibalized remains

decorated the floor.

— The End —