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Creepstar Apr 2016
When copulating with a cadaver
Warm in a bath,with moisturiser slather
Its fine to cut a few new holes in
Providing once done you sew where you've been
They're better fresh unless you wish to gump
While they still have blood they give a better pump
To preserve like biscuits you'll need a cool dry place
And bodies dehydrate so you'll need botox for the face
positrxnicbrain Dec 2014
He held the sword ready, standing very still,
The seconds ticked by.
He charged towards me,
I was taken by surprise,
His sword casually slicing my forearm.
Covered in dirt, I howled in pain
As my weapon fell fo the ground.
I danced back, trying to stem the flow of blood.
He brought his clenched fist down on my shoulder blade,
As I tried to move in for a throw, he shifted his weight slightly, sticking out his foot
As I went tumbling, the smell of venom entered my nostrils.
I coughed and fell back again, struggling to breathe,
Franticly searching for my gas mask, I grab my weapon.
Just as my enemy goes to pick up his cutlass,
Another shoots my right shoulder
Gasping for clean air, I watch
All my comrades explode before my eyes
As I lay slowly, silently, slipped out of consciousness,
I could taste the invisible death upon me,
Choking, panting, wheezing, blind, fear, trembling, cold,
Absolute horror, as death slouches upon me....
i wrote this in school for an assessment yaaaaas
the theme was WWI and, since i really like necromance and stuff, i came up with this and thought it fitted with the WWI theme so yh c:
positrxnicbrain Nov 2014
Every time I look into the mirror,
I see it in my face
I'm possessed by the goblin child
Who'll destroy the human race, though,
I haven't forgotten hope
I know the ancient lore,
God will strike me down
To Hell, forevermore

— The End —