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alessandra Jul 2020
cuff my lips like the bile
you keep biting your tongue around

wrap up my limbs, painted pink
squeezing out the dissonance
and defiance,

the lengths you scrape my skin
sting like last week's argument
my throat's too wound to tell you
the soft you won't touch

drenched and tripping over again for every man
who's set me on fire to keep his idea of my form alive
the sear of distaste like apathy

the bones of those who suffocated me with their suffering
don't fit inside this body anymore
i am bursting, every seam a corner to turn
sunlit, anxious, promising

watch me rewrite this flesh
like a salve

watch me reclaim this life
like salvation
Phoenix Oct 2018
Once when I was little, I had to go to a nicer place and I needed something “fancy”
What is fancy? Is it a dress with a bow or a suit with a tie…
Is fancy a stereotype of gender or is it just clothing…
Is fancy a GIRL in a dress and a bow or is it a BOY in a suit and tie

How can I be fancy if I am not the girl in the dress or the boy in the suit
This was written when I was confused about my gender and at the time I said I was genderfluid, I’m rereleasing it( January 7th 2020) because it part of my work and I shouldn’t hide it from the public
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
I steal love with


part of my lips,


fall of my chin,


reverence in my temples,


so I scoff with


unblessed prayer,


impossible keeper,


wretched skin,


faultless pleasure,


and grace swoons,

puts me back in my place,

mutters sin in my mouth,

tightens grip in my hips,

stokes flame in my skin,


threads pain


weaves mind


names fear


makes more



and I am unfeeling of pardon,

unwanting of heaven,

ungoverned by god,

not bothered, on purpose,

not waiting on mercy,


and I stand with the evil,

the blind,

the kind,

the pained

and the stained,

and steal love with them,



we are unneeded by hell.
avoid binary questions.
eli Dec 2019
most of my stories
i have no name for
i cant really express
how a title can change the story

its like a person
with an assigned name
and you expect them
to live that name

for instance, Ashley
she is a fun loving blonde
or brunet, who loves to party
she dresses in ripped jeans and crop tops,
that may be a little too short

Or Jessica
who is the meanest ***** in the school
she wears ****-skirts
and sparkly tops,
that always accentuate her chest

the stereotypes that live in highschools
strangle everybody
who fits within them
even if they aren't them

Ashley just wants to be called Ash
and wear baggy T-shirts
and sweatpants

Jessica wants to be called Jess
and go by They/them pronouns

People should be able to fit on
where they want
not where they have to
to survive
J Sep 2019
Unattached narratives

Charlie makes the same face every time they tell a joke they know they probably shouldn’t. They shift their jaw a tiny bit to the left, their eyes to the right. They start to crack a smile, intermittently, but it doesn’t poke through easily. They don’t let anyone know they think they’re funny. But they know. They’ve made this face a lot lately, they seem lighter; they seem fuller. I could watch the same face and hear the same corny joke every day for the rest of my life, and laugh like it was new. I could watch them smile until my eyes burned out. I wanted this to be unattached but I feel their joy in my chest, and I’m so thankful for that. I’m so thankful for this.
Daniel Niemi Nov 2018
A women that is
My True Love

Has so much to give
A kind heart
Misunderstood by most

Eyes that mesmerize you
Lips that all you want to do is kiss
Snuggle and caress to relax her

Being there for her
At 3am when she can’t sleep
Because she matters to me

I hope she truly believes
I will comfort her
Hold her for as long as needed

Be there for her forever
Because I Love You
Until death do us part

— The End —