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HYA Jul 2020
it's broad daylight,
everyone from a far waves at me
how crude it is to be seen—
as someone calm
and steady and naïve
but i hope they don't go near,
it's enough to let them see
once, not twice
i hope they don't go near,
the sun is just above me
and my shadow is smaller
but darker
in broad daylight
Josh Pearson Nov 2017
And it stared at me again
Dead in the eyes
But I avoided its gaze reluctantly
Once again
Hoping maybe I could avoid
Its tempting hand
Hoping maybe I could escape
Its eternal grasp
When hoping for these things
Only seemed to prove my ignorance—
My naïvety.
11 lines
Night is just night,
without it being told that
it should be dark
and sunless.

It is what it is,
by its own definition.
It does not need stars to shine
In order to make darkness meaningful.

Still, the stars shine.
They do what they do
Without self-acknowledgement,
They simply do.

Like night and stars
And meaningfulness
And Self-acknowledgement.
Pep Jul 2016
I don’t even know you and your making me feel this way.
I want you like a soul mate, a beloved.
I'm so naïve, I should smack myself.
You're a possible stranger danger, but I want you so much that I don’t even care anymore.
before she left him
4. Ojos
Meg May 2016
i think the reason why i fell so deeply and helplessly and utterly in love with him was that he was not broken. i thought that maybe loving him would somehow unbreak me, make me a little less shattered than i was. i have seen and felt and fallen and broken and aged and heard and been more than i ought to have but there's nothing i can do about that now. and so i was drawn to his innocent, unbridled naïveté, which may as well be the last thing that has been left untouched by the bitter darkness of this world.
This is more of prose than poetry, but I felt that this style matched my thoughts better somehow.
Madison Marian Feb 2016
Don't you ever get tired of the show you put on
Or did you begin to think it was real
Do you ever get bored of lies you live
Or did you begin to think they were the truth
The only truth you have you steal
Too much an actress
Too much a fool
Too full of youth
Naïve by choice
For its **appeal

— The End —