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Timothy hill Jun 2017
Night is your "Hair" with a silver there is no despair.
Arms are the branches your matter is a tree swaying in the ice cold breeze.
This fantasy is moving and jumping.
Held green light for the animals to walk threw to get a drink of water as the machines halt until the next day at noon.
Trees screaming for help a smell was contrasting all senses.
There alive as me and you are and with out them a planet turns to dirt and dust.
So hinder there strives is some what of a must busting there medal hulks are our diffusion sketches.
An artist only sets with a brush and his thoughts to examine a fair leaf fall his path of imagery ideas.
Off he goes to explore, its landing with an ideal he transits its area
Flairs filled the sky hammers slowed there strikes in boarders of agreement.
Bigger machines with solar panels came in with drones of saws for higher yields of wow.
A budget was none for there pockets were ships and canals.
The wolfs and deer cast a moon kind of spell with there egos on edge they'd beyond there hunger for flesh.
Men what's in our sky, I see its blue and crystal and mist in a breeze.
The men all ran fast he couldn't believe then the machines rusted every so instantly.
His plains were erased it was to be seemed and then on he could weep.
Nature is not like "Gold" it does bring money although it will slow breathing when gone.
So maybe this could become a song when paper planes are all that's left.
And medal doors and medals shelves.
Medal scathes your face when you open up your door.
And a melody is produced and nature smell like s'mores.
You hear it now at least for now.
The sounds of tents unfolding and being set up.
Because its summer again and smells of nature that are unbending.
Arousal your heart beat with astounding.
Your skin gets goose bumps the first sight of deer dropping's strange at fact no its just appraising.
Ants and stick also insects climb trees in fun surviving.
When a man in a beard came up hiking.
He seen this tree man was it becoming his exciting.
The insect move faster from this man of in freighting.
And hunker down and give off a sting of flight to give him something he would much not find he like.

— The End —