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wren Apr 2020

We were arms and legs,
ruffled pillows and
twisted blankets
bare writhing bodies
reflected in a warped carnival mirror
glowing embers of a fallen star
Your strokes
tentative and wavering
in an unsteady tremolo

find me where the shy dawn
dare caress the black crystal waters
that sparkled so green
amidst cold oceans of metaphor
and warm, streaky peach jam skies

gift me, make me, break me, grant me
may i find nourishment and sustenance
in suckling the dripping honey
from your velvet rose-tinted lips
slake Your thirst
sate Your hunger
drink from these fountains
and eat from these briars
revel in my sanctum
but let no blessed water
pass my parched lips

i will etch soliloquies into the nape of your neck
i, the calligrapher, you my masterpiece
monet's soleil levant and water lilies
botticelli's map of hell and rorshach blots
i will find god in your twinkling sepia eyes
and repose in the contours of your body
chiseled with conviction bold
i will trace lines traced long ago
and discover you anew
lilting auroras behind these tired eyelids
sweet aubades of clotted maple cream
embroidered into the
buttery cashmere shearling
of Your lush being
knotted, blistering lilac and rose
in this churning ****** sea
of flames and sculpted ice

bold sensual soft
caress but never kiss
it's five a.m.
and i still can't sleep
we're out of time
there's no stopping what's to come
but the taste of jasmine white tea
still lingers on my tongue
i'm still shouting to the void
and playing piano in the brazen dark
~escapril prompt no. 1
~dedicated to a tayden and a david, and to a lana for seeing me through it all :)
~this will also probably become a part of dichotomy pt. 2
~"crystal water that sparkled so green" -- kipling's seal lullaby
~feedback much appreciated <3
b Oct 2017
Asylum white walls
Bear a single feather.
A work of art.

I am left all alone again.
Peace and tranquility.

Spoon feeding ******
That tastes more like maple syrup
And relief
Than anything I've ever known.
cait-cait Nov 2016
i can't believe he didn't love me--

i spent so much time
dreaming of what we
could've been,,, and
what we never had, **

those days when sunlight
would pour through glass
like liquid ****** and drown my
mind as if
nothing else existed// i remember..:

how i still coughed and cried;
knowing he gave
me up, as though
the memory of us was just a

its always sunny in san francisco (just kidding)
Gavin Barnard Jun 2015
I skip and walk in late
And laugh about it in their face.
I don't need to be here,
You just say that for your paycheck.

You tell us about grand houses,
Fast cars and thousands of dollars
Only if you get good grades,
But fate favors the bold, not the wise.

You're afraid of lighters and knives
And even ******* squirt guns,
But I love nothing more
Than a little homemade ******.

Its not my fault I don't trust you,
You've betrayed me more times than I can count.
Its shouldn't be a suprise
I favor video games over your brainwashing.

I have a job and I like it more
Than sitting in a school like I'm poor.
It may be physically exhausting
But at least its better than nothing.

I favor anarchists and true democrats
Anytime over dictators and tyrants,
I don't care what level they're on
Or how much power they hold,
I just know that I'm too old
To be told how to live my life.

I'll slather myself in ******
And set myself alight
Rather than give in to their ways,
Because that means I've lost my fight.
They want money and they think I also want money, but money is ***** and corrupt. I just want my freedom.

— The End —