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Khadro Jama Apr 2017
Dear Sakura,
I'm alive in this world without you
I am here living and breathing
I've hit rock bottom again
My sweet child
I've never thought
That without you my life's incomplete
Love is just a dream
Feelings are an illusion
My sweet child I should never let you go
I cried for 90 days and night
Wishing upon my death
Living with this regret
I also promised you the first night
The pain I feel won't be the last
I believe I'm ment to suffer.
I am lost
I'm alive nor dead
I've never forgotten.
That I day I've lost so much blood.
It's been 4 years..
In 9months Ill say goodbye again
right beside your grave.
To tell you about life,
Hoping you can hear mommy voice.
I tried marriage
That's ending now..
He cheated and betrayed me.
Then life has spiraled under control
Without you,
marriage was an empty vow.
This is how my life's been without you.
Filled with darkness since that day,
I said goodbye when I wasn't ready.

— The End —