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Zeus Dec 2016
i wish i was like you
i wish i had the attention
i wish i had the ******* looks

you wont understand
you have it all
you could snap your fingers and have it all

why was had it to be you
God why not me
i've been through all the pain
i've taken all the bruises and cuts

i know you'll say
"be grateful"
"someone has it worse"
but you dont know what i've seen

i wish i was as gifted like you
i wish i turned heads like you
i wish everyone wanted me like they want you

you'll sit there reading this with that look on your face

but think of this, every time you leave you leave me alone and when you come back i'm worser than you left me and you blame me.
i just want to be like you so you can understand the pain you give me
Zeus Dec 2016
I'm scared to sleep without my music. I get lonely.
please like my page "Writing Mind", I appreciate it
Zeus Nov 2016
i want to write something great
but more importantly I'm hoping you can relate,

i want to be expressive
even when the world is depressive
and my peers are repressive
i still want to show my writing ability
its my only escape from reality
trust me i don't rhyme intentionally,

I've been writing for so long
not matching words seems wrong
they say poets only write sad songs,

thank God i'm not a poet
i write my dark truth
i have a dark heart and i pour it,

i want us to sit on the roof
looking at stars
writing bars
creating stanzas
as hours pass us
but such moments don't yet belong to us,

i have so much to say but its all lost in my thoughts, my heart goes out to the broken hearted, i wish i could fix you and take your pain cause my darkness can handle it all,
i have so much to do but its all in the hands of time, i hope fate isn't real cause i don't want a predetermined destiny,
i have so many people to repay half of them are gone i hope the other half don't leave too soon.
i have so many futures to make, i hope they never lose hope in themselves.
i know this isn't dark but even i cant be dark all the time.
Zeus Nov 2016
Its your soft skin I want to rip off
Its your sweet voice that echos softly in my ear that i want to stop
Its your soft lips dripping with raw love that I want to shut
I swear your body calls me to hold it but I just want to grip

You're my loud whisper
You're my honest lie

The pictures i create of you are so very wrong
But doing everything I picture would be so very right
Your cloths could fall off you so smoothly but I want to rip them off

You're shaped to perfection
I'm on my knees trying to hold back this darkness
But you're the light that craves me,
If i let you in i might ruin you
And you insist that its a risk you'll take

You're my sweet spot killing me with every bite you give
You're my drug pulling me to addiction with every hit I take

I can' t let you go so i tie you down just to watch you lay there
I  toss and turn in my bed as you twist and we intertwine in my head
I want more and more of you right now but you're a tease its not fair.
this is from a piece of my book called obsession
Zeus Nov 2016
I want to be like you
I want to be liked like you are
I wanted to be adored like you are
I want say attention like you do
I want to get my way like you do

I want to walk confident like you do
I want to talk confident like you do
I want to be flattered like you are
I want to be admired like you are

I want to have four thousand people at my feet like you do
I want to have four thousand more waiting in line for me like you do
I want to have the choice of picking from the options like you do

I want to be as clueless as you are and still survive the world like you do
I want to be a handful like you are and still be wanted like you are

I want to be smart like you
I want to be gifted like you
I want to be pretty like you.
Zeus Nov 2016
"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God"

I have so many questions for you.
I have so much to ask
I have so much to learn?
But you're not here to teach me

In the darkness I found myself

I grew up in darkness
I got saved by darkness
I'm still with the darkness
But you were with the darkness too

The darkness she shows her beauty and how she only wants to help

By darkness I  don't mean ignorance
I don't mean being blind
The darkness is a safe place
By darkness i do not mean evil or bad
By the darkness i just mean a safe place
A place no one knows but a place i know way too well

In the beginning there was nothing and the nothing was with God and that nothing was Darkness
"And he said let there be light, and there was light"
"Creating the heavens and earth"

You gave up the darkness to make us
Do I have to give it up to?
I'm still a baby and she protects me
She helps me deal with the world you abandoned her to create

They tell me to let go of the darkness but no one understands, I don't expect them to, the pain I felt before, I've felt your pain a million times more, I've felt your troubles one to many times, in the darkness I pour out my heart and she helps me heal as i give her the happiness she never had.

— The End —