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You may have sounded so tired.
But to me you sounded so sweet.
Your voice fading away as you drift off to sleep.
Your quiet mind so quietly speaks.
A whisper i can’t hear but yet you still breathe.
Time is still going as deeper you drift.
I am still awake and suddenly your missed.
Beautifully you sleep as touching is your kiss.
So loving and warm another thing I miss.
I won’t wake you up but only stare for a while.
As happy I am if only you can see me smile.
I turn around as I say goodnight.
To try to sleep with you on this tiring night.
Amy Duckworth Dec 2018
My Lady.
You are the most wonderful person I have met.
I love you with all my heart.
I have one worry though,
will we last?
I only live for you.
If you leave me I may not recover and **** myself, or revert to hurting myself.
My Lady, you are the support holding me.
I love you.
I am happy I know you.
I don't think I could find anyone else like you.
You are perfect,
You don't judge me for---me,
You don't care about my,
And violent nature.
You still love me.
You are not forceful,
you don't make me do things I don't want.
Thank you.
Love you.
You got me over,
and holding back.
I have never been bold,
You taught me to just do something and not draw things out.
You make me happy.
I hope this lasts for forever.
This is a poem for My Lady (My girlfriend) to tell her how much I love her and what she did for me. ((My girlfriend is the girl I called My Fox in some other earlier poems by the way!))
Danish Zia Sep 2017
One Mesmerizing Beauty, One Day.
I Met A Lady, In The Shades Of Darks
Who That Lady, Mysterious Word For A Poet
She The Lady Is The Efficacy Of Poet's Writing, Now.
Lady, She Isn't Womanly  As Others.
She Dont Love Donuts, She Dont Love Cakes.
Lady, She Isn't Selfsame As Others.
Being With Her, Brings A Tremendous Breath.
Intoxication Is Her Voice, My Sleep Is Attuned Of.
I Drowse In The Laps Of Her Tunefullness.
In Euphony  Of The Lady's Voice, I Stay Whole Night.
Lyricism Of Her Soothing Voice Makes Me Sleep,
I Wake With The Melody Of Lady's Voice.
After Dusk, Lady And I
Hand In Hand , We  Walk In Dark.
Oh ! Head On My Shoulder, We Talk In Dark.
I Brought A Rose, And The Droplets Graced Those Feeble Petals,  Florist Smile Soothed Me.
Its First I Gave A Rose To A lady.
She"Its First  I Accepted A Rose By A Men"
The Rose Was More Beautified In The Hand Of My lady.

© Danish Zia

— The End —