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I have a Friend
And he has Me
We met right here on HP
He is noble and strong
A good man, through and through
Humble, insightful and gentle too

Complex stories he does tell
From experience and diaries
kept so well
Extraordinary accounts, he shares
Creating poetic stories
that shows he cares
He's witty and charming
He is oh so brave
Many a life has he saved

He came to Hp
wondering if this
was a place for him
Safe to share his heart
and tender skin
At first, shy and tenuous
to learn his skill
Now he commands his work,
Weaving words at will
Our fascination he does hold
With gritty stories so well told
Epic adventures, first hand accounts
Alway a moral, insight abounds

Yes, I chose him
And he chose Me
Mark Cleavenger,
My Poetic Friend here on HP

        In resonse to Elliot's #HPfriend Challenge
                        (please read his latest Blog)
Mark Cleavenger was my very first friend here at HP.
Hello Poetry has opened my world to many fascinating
Poets, from all around the Globe. (How cool is that?)
I appreciate all of my Friends here at HP. I love being
a member of this amazing, supportive community.
                    ThankYou  to all my HP friends
Elliott's #HP friend challenge
ThankYou Mark for caring for me.
My life is blessed by you, you see...

☆ I chose him and he chose me ☆

— The End —