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Smit Oct 2016
I am lost within her gaze

And I melt in her arms

Her call leaves me breathless

Her touch leaves me senseless

I am a dog at her feet

I am a slave to her needs

I lay with filthy beasts

Upon the **** and ****

I should have been smarter

But I deserve this. *

- Logan Peirce
Lamb Jul 2015
So I am a mutt
And this is my poem about having split identities
And not knowing who the **** I am
I am Chinese and Irish
Got them green eyes, but eat rice with every dish
Have the freckles, but my first language wasn't English

Back in high school, people called me white washed
But then,
Pointed and called me that Asian
People would sneer, "You aren't even real Chinese"
But there are so many things you all don't see
Like how my Tiger mom screams at home
About getting straight As
Till her shrills leave me frozen to the bone
And when I had a boyfriend she didn't approve of
She yanked my hair
And I cried it wasn't fair
She yelled, "oh I'll give the boys something to stare"
I watched as she cut all of it off
Strand by strand
Like a strong gust of wind blowing all the leaves off the branches till it was bare in winter
The following day at school, my excuse was I needed a new look, so this was her
And meals I don't even know how to translate into English are my comfort food
But I can down some fries and burgers when I'm with the dudes

I embrace both sides of what I am
But people categorize me into one, *******
With my Chinese family
They straight up tell you
You too skinny, too fat, so silly
They say my accent has gotten worse
The anger builds up of embarrassment and hurt
The race makes my face so red, it's like my head will soon burst
There's this underlying feeling of shame, that's the worst
Which side of me do I need to prioritize first?
I'm drowning between the ocean of two separate cultures, I'm submersed
English is the language I think in and I curse
There's so much more I can't even tell you within this verse

Oh the irony doesn't end there
My driving stereotypes are quite the scare
Cause I'm Chinese, automatically I **** at driving
But mixed with Irish, I'm also road raging
It's probably the worst combination
Of a stereotype from two different nations
Ha oh there's more
The drinking stereotype that's for sure
Irish side could down the whiskey much too quickly
But the Chinese typically are easily tipsy
This mix is kind of risky
One turns so incredibly red
And the other can get so drunk, you'd see two heads

I feel I am constantly at war
One side always wanting more
Evan Hayes Nov 2014
I'm a ***** fowl-mouthed mutt
With a leash like no other
I've seen your light of day
It compares to no other

An Angel in disguise
Holds my collar tight
If I fight back
I'll surely lose sight

A mutt sees different shades of grey
But you made me see
You're in control
Not me

I do a bit more than care
If I do as I heed
And and I do as you say
I'll have more than I need

You're fair but strict
And you've never been wrong
Before but now you're being crazy
Waiting everlong?

While I'm still on a leash
You're still my drug
Poison me slowly
And teach me to run

Tease me enough?
You look at me with those eyes
And as they meet mine
A piece of me dies

We're both control freaks
A mutt and an Angel
Fighting for one thing
Who's going headfirst into hell

I know I'm bad
I know I'm a mutt
And if you say so
I guess I'll stay put

Tug on my ear
Tell me to go
Tell me to fetch
The answer won't be no

Before you no nickname was right
Say it and I'm on the seed of poppy
The name stuck for a reason
I'm just another puppy
I guess an answer or response to someone

— The End —