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Skyward Jan 2020
I fall into a thorn bush
As my map flies
From my hands.
…What state am I in???
            They’ve trained you, soldier:
            Look around,
            Take stock.
            Are you bleeding?
            Does it matter?
      Grab your things
And get up.

I walk into a Walmart
As my memory slips
Through my hands.
…What state am I in???
            You've moved again, brother:
            Look around,
            Take stock.
            Are you crying?
            Does it matter?
      Grab your heart
And get up!
Sometimes the most insignificant moments of life, no matter how different they are, call out to one another, and we feel we must have been there before.
Breon Mar 2018
Hearken, seeking hero:
Hear a scalding skald song!
Venture bold and bravely,
Bring a vintner victuals,
Sup on mead of mulling!
Mete the morning's merry,
Fortress; stand in fastness,
Fear no sorrow stalking.
I hate writing in this form, mostly because kennings are obnoxious in English. I love it.

— The End —