MUNCHY Dec 2018
Or how grown boy asked you if  you loved him
He told you he wanted to fix the wrongs he had done by wanting to come on Halloween  night in his car ; wanting just to talk .
Were you aware of  what “wanting to talk“ really meant ?

He once told you
“ I like what we have “
he wanted to
have a chunk of your body
& so you thought  
your body was a masterpiece
but instead to him it was considered   a body on an  operation table
Or maybe even
more like physical therapy
Hands that run down your body
but I guess  
you were treated
like hand me down clothing
I guess
you were just
a cigarette to inhale
Puff puff pass
as hot as a blow torch burning
he  wanted to be
called daddy
be treated like master ,
The almighty !

Asks you
if you love him
in the process of him
taking a bite of your  body that
should have been your temple,
should have been saved for marriage.
You thought he loved you
But instead he told you
He likes what we have
He touched & used you
& still said
He likes what we have
how low your head could bow
to his precious jewel that was in between his legs & up above
but not long enough
to be at his feet
Meaning how loud you can scream as if he was crucifying your soul
while compressing his body onto it.
Meaning he would leave you be after he’s done his deeds
& become inconsistent with his consistencies he once had for you
So he  shot his shot
& kept firing away
the explosives inside your body
as if you were just the tube
He could slip  & slide inside of
like you were the sample from the menu he wanted to try to taste
but probably a meal he wouldn’t  want to
pay for
nor leave a tip but
instead he put his fat check upside in you for free
& yet you get the fee of a used heart .
You didn’t realize
that boys like that
will trick you into asking you
if you loved them ,
then would get satisfaction out of
of the  tastings & cravings
they want from inside you.
Flirtatious provocations bounces off his tongue to fix his lips to say
‘Forgive me
Forgive daddy ‘

was the year of age
he took your v-card
Shouldn’t have been
on his to-do list
Shouldn’t have been
on your to-do list
But instead it turned out
it was said & done
Now to some
you’re nothing
but a “to do “
on their to-do list

was the number of times
you thought about him everyday
& in every way

was the year of age you started to find yourself
& explore it deeper and deeper within yourself in many ways
But it seems like everyday somebody tries to tell
you “You’re special ! “
but it’s for the wrong reasons ;
coming for those that consider themselves ‘Gods ‘
& it is all blasphemy .

was the year of age you realized
you feel somewhat better because
Abstinence is worth repeating

was  another year  wasted on people’s manipulation from those
That just want to consume your soul
Yet they call it love
& I know from all the above
that love does not come first.

is the number of years
still to this day ,
you can continue
to admit your flaws .
You know what’s wrong with you
But for him he acted
nor alarmed !

Good things will come to those that are
honest & humble
caring & helpful ,
mindful  &  able
to talk things out
instead of
when they’ve done
others wrong.

18 transitioning into 19 very soon,
you realized you had enough .
It’s time to wise up & live life
for you
& for nobody else!

I used to love & care for others as if they were the breeze of cold air that need to expand to feel free .
But I rather stay to myself
& become a house because
houses are made from scratch &
they  are continuously being built for people like me
to claim as my own ;
the key to my heart & door .

I learned that sometimes loving others it’s hard be an open door. Some will enter you because to them you are just a door they will enter & exit out of.

But when you love yourself , that is to say that you are to be the **** house  that builds your own foundation for yourself
& for no one else
if you are  
below ,
or only 18 !

When love arrives & it leaves you,
at least now you know what love should be to you the next time is stops you in your tracks & depending on how it presents itself,
that will determine whether or not you should let it in
or walk away
But thank you for attempting to stop by.
That wasn’t love in the first place .

~ Jordan Munchenburg
MUNCHY Dec 2018
‘ There are some things you can learn from a storm ‘
they say

It was November
and you still tried to
find ways to become the
Mother Nature’s
flamboyant founding father.
As if you thought she was
your nun ;
serving you  in your ungodly cathedral.
Your creation,
so filled with
mentally fixated fabrications of foolery falling
into a twisted soul ,
learning the scriptures of a Lutheran lad looking back on his dark journey he is headed towards all over again compared to its content.
As if you were her monk;
fasting from the souls you prey on to swallow and absorb
calling it  
‘A Thanksgiving on a day of communion to break bread’
Your tongue so loose it is used as a broken membrane that has lost its conscientiousness
that it needs to comprehend
the sensibility of gracious  goodwill.
So you call it  a
‘Reboot of the old extended  outwards to let in the Old Testament & call it new ideals for false idols you want to become ‘
thieving morsels from bodies for a quick moment and that’s where  chaos starts the form of the hurricane:

The first
will think that their body is
a new testament
of how they need to
decalcify themselves
after they have classify themselves as the barriers a wild storms
yet to come.
Their words are so attached to the waves they try to create with their smooth strokes of talk with their seasonal tongues and call it
‘ spit game ‘
They call it a hit
when  really it’s a foul miss

The hit of it all is just like an accidental twister saying ‘no’
to once  beautiful places that now should have been destroyed along time ago.
The uneasiness of my equilibriums are constantly  being cradled by cowards with their inconsistencies.
Yet they cradle bodies  
never knowing how much
their heart rocks itself to sleep
to the fiend’s beat
so they can
“Rock- a bye- baby ‘them
until they become
the ‘Feast of Fools.’

The second
will alarm you of
what you should see.
How the waves of the sea responds to  your rising action that will be stopped by my ****** from  the whip of the whirlwind

The third
will give you signals of all the dangers coming your way which should give away the cleansing from the bubonic  plague you purged his heart with

The fourth
will start to head towards you like clones working together knowing that will be the ones multiplying while you are just another field of roses & dandelions that will eventually die off from lack of nutrients and tolerance of the soil

The fifth
will reach it’s destination.
it will scare you because the storm has a mind of its own

The sixth
will headlight your soul by blinding your spirit

The hidden hurricane
does not care about the facade,
the inconspicuous
repetition of your reputation
you were trying to portray,
your symbolic view of the remembrance you want to be known as ...
when you’re the dissolved
version of a frosted flake

Your disaster
has already been ruined by your own foundation
that suddenly crumbled when you open your mouth in the first place giving me switch talk

Now it’s drowning in it’s own sorrowful sympathies for what ?

You’re worth  started to decline the minute you sold it for free without knowing how much it means.

‘A strong soul
shines after the storm ‘
they say

In response I say
“ It came along time ago when *** let it reign so he can open the floodgates of heaven for all of us that are willing to commit to his pathway someday “

You can’t silence a blowtorch
when you cause the fear of *** to come out
& clear its path from your
trail marks you created
when you were just a serpent on soul’s neck.

~ Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Nov 2018
Unsolicited advice
for men and women struggling with their faith with *** and the temptations
from  nebulous & insensitive souls that are in need of cleansing within themselves & others they encounter

When a boy asks you
a provocative question  knowing you are practicing abstinence
say no
Do not back away slowly
Do not check the time on your phone because he caught you
at an awkward time &
in an awkward moment
Do not give him the time of  day nor give him the satisfaction of your hesitation as he moves closer towards you
Do not back away like a  dog
Do not consider him ***
Your *** & bow to him
You are not his peasant
He is not sanctified
nor glorified
Because once you give him that impression his assumptions
his lustful seeds will start to plant into the scruff of you & it will always grow thirsty & hungry

When your stepfather tries to do the best that he can by being the best
step dad he can possibly be
Give him a chance
Do not be disrespectful
Do not roll your eyes
Or laugh in his face
Remember he may not be your father but he is there for you
In the best way that he can
Because his other side of the family pushed him away

When one of your  sisters tell you will go to ****
Because of your sexuality
& they snoop
& slither
in & out of your personal life
Do not cry
Do not feel like it’s your fault by having the desire
The choice of liking what you considered the same
Do not feel bad of your final decision
They will soon love you for you are
So just remain the same in your eyes
& in time
If they haven’t changed their minds they will soon become inconsistent with their own lives

Ladies when a boy (yet still in the process of becoming a man )tells you he loves you &
his persuasion
pulls you in ,
& grabs your attention
knowing it’s not love,
Do not fall for it
Do not be blinded by his words
Because if his motive  for you is to be considered  you a meal
For his breakfast ,
Lunch ,
Or dinner ,
Do not be his server of the broken bread of the body
of Christ  Jesus sacrificed
& bust & break open your body only him
You are worth
so much more than that !!
It will all be blasphemy when he considers you the sea
he can walk through,
Your body  that he can rest  his virtuous work on ,
Your lips so he can consider them gates of heaven in his lustful clumsiness that makes him  want you to come  as you are all over him & his face
which will bounce back  onto the scruff of him
& his wicked ways inside of you

When a boy asks you
a provocative question  knowing you are practicing abstinence
say no

When your close friend gets involved with another recipient that practices fornication disguised as chastity
That practices atheism yet disguised by his acts of manipulation  portrayed as humbleness yet  really nebulousness ,
Do not judge him because of his lifestyle
His way of life
His train of the thoughts
But the content of his character
he consistently portrays
onto your friend that is
blinded by it all !!

Pray for them
Ask *** to both them
of both their ways
their truths
their lives of ***’s Will
Help them
Both understand what
love truly is not
Something that should not be the considered to be
more damaging ,
more triggering
than the  
equivalence of
firsthand  smoking

When a boy
tries to fix his wrongs
that are deep in your
core &
heart by healing them with their body on yours instead ,
Curve him
Toss that boy
& move on

If you’re family has been losing their faith & someone in your family is going through
a tough time in their life ,
Hug them
& talked to them
about their problems
so they can find healing !
If you have any similar issues
Hug yourself ,
Talk  to your family ,
vent ,
Talk to ***
so you can also find inner healing !

When a boy asks you
a provocative question  knowing you are practicing abstinence
say no

When you lose your way
& you feel like you are
drowning in the Red Sea
Call on ***
Pray at night
& *** will help you
Baptize you with refinement
Of your soul ,
Your chest,
& of all the  unpatched wounds
in your heart still bruised !

Yes people in life
{if allowed }
Can touch your body
Your chest.

But *** can fix all of that
Yet they can’t heal nor touch your heart & spirit like he can
up close
up above
& from afar

When a boy asks you
a provocative question  knowing you are practicing abstinence
say no

are miracle
are the silenced soul now
a blow torch
to burn the gun pistols shot by more white than black
policemen ,
supremacists ,
racists  .......

blinding everybody with your beauty & handsomeness
that still can’t find
their self worth yet
are the champion ,
are better than what
people depict you to be
are the light

has no place......

HERE!! your presence

~Jordan Munchenburg
It’s very important not be so “wet-behind-the-ears” when it comes to people. There is a difference between being loved , loving the fact that you are being loved & needed & loving the idea of being loved when it’s inactive in the sense of actual love & purity & the idea of it. Manipulation should never be a factor when envy occurs . Everything is a life lesson . Be aware of it all
Whether is school relations , home relations & etc.
You are essential
You determine where you want to go in life.
MUNCHY Oct 2018
Let Go
Let ***
Don’t hold onto
What’s not yours
Stay woke
Move on
& *** will keep
moving on
with you.

I was your anchor
& you left me sinking
I was the current in your
ocean tides
Always pushing you
Motivating you
Building you up
Beyond foundations
& landscapes
Hills and landlakes
& yet you  proved to me
time & time again
of why I kept falling over a cliff
& felt as if I was drowning .

In your sorrows I feared
Even though they were
ever so dear to me.
Tried to be strong for you
But in the end
I have nothing to say to you
You can say what you want but I won’t listen
I’d rather glow than to be glistened
By messy ones that have already been dismissed for my presence
To me your Non existent

Yet I kept you stable
& stern
That way you wouldn’t  
feel like you were tilting
You’ve been unbalancing
My equilibriums
To a point
Where I feel a sense of deliriums
I guess to you I was just a theorem
To practice on giving me a chance
But when I left....
I didn’t look back
Here & then I give you glares
But not a glance .
Be glad I didn’t  physically attack

I revealed to you most of myself
& I don’t do  that with many
But in the end
thanks to you
I felt rather empty

Sowed back all the stitches you cut open inside of me
You know because
I was always found away out
Saw the light in the darkness you kept driving towards me

As your fixer
I Saw the picture
& read the between the lines
Of the illustrations
& authorization formed by all of our altercations combined

Cried & wept
But now I  dry my own tears
Kept you company
When you wanted at least 1 good friend
& yet you failed
so I chose to disappear
So that’s why I came at you hard
& left at your wits end.

You let those that get mad when I hung around you
When they want you for  personal motives & possessions
instead of your heart
& yet you’re scarred
By the one that left you sprung
yet foul
Vs a Person that could have given you their all  
& cherished you
But now
the tables have turned

But now I’m done with you
& I’m glad you’re done with me .
No more tears left to cry
No more pain that’s inside
Because I’ve said what I’ve had to say

Yet sometimes
I occasionally reminisce
I realized I could change
people’s lives
People need me
for the right reasons
But not In the same sense
& text you put it  as “ only in a season”

So I wiped the devil out of my head
& washed away of you clean.

My poems  & perceptions
strengths & exceptions
remedies & reflections
has all dispersed to the
public eye now.
It will spread yes indeed
And then when I’m done
I will be done entirely .

I’m still working on my master piece
But you  will never be my master
I don’t bow nor plead
To critical &   entitled peasants
That think their supposed to  be
& sanctified
Bowed down to
& glorified
Yet they say their body is their temple
But you let demons that move too fast for you in
Than the ones that were patient & helpful
& yet you push them
away even further
Did that ever cross your
temple ?

Now I’m not your *****
Not  in roots nor weeds
You & your
Benevolent sovereignty  can flee.


But as my lord & savior Jesus Christ
I have to forgive you
I forgive you for all the pain
I endured & the confusion you were conflicted with
I forgive you for the sabotages
Manipulation & hurt that we both endured yet I tried to fix & heal both of our bandages .
I apologize for the flaws
Of those that missed seeing the *** in me .
I’m sorry I lost that spark that used to live & run deep  inside of me
*** has helped me in ways that I will never fully understand
His hand was stretched out to me but I left him hanging
Over a **** boy that was not even close enough  to being a man

I wont commit my time again to him to even in my darkest days.

Although I’m sorry I came hard at you like I am right now
All Angry & aggressive
Emotional & expressive
But I only care about those I really care about
I’m still working on forgiving the fact
You used my kindness & compassion corresponded
& compared  to my love that I shared with you & then on to another peasant that doesn’t want anything to do with you nor  me but in the public eye he can’t confess it
So he acts nebulous
from the foul foolishness
he created on his own .

But I have to forgive you .
I have to move on
But don’t test me
Stay away from bottles & chairs
Stay away from being on the steps & stairs
Stay from hallways in my vicinity
Don’t dare try to test me cuz
I can
I am
an angel but can also be
a deceitful devil
when I don’t take
nor put up
with manipulation
& consistent slip ups
from those that can’t grow
the **** up when
they fail to
realize & analyze
they needed to step away
from a foul situation that might forever change their life .
But they chose to fight it
So I chose to flight from it  after refusals & dismals  
& now it looks like you’re on your own .

So it’s time for me to

Let Go
Let ***
Don’t hold onto
What’s not yours
Stay woke
Move on
& *** will keep
moving on
with you  

I’m not sorry for my truth
Although I’m sorry for you
But only my forgiveness from *** got me through this **** .
I’m no longer under your control
Nor spell .
Though I wish you well
This will be  the last time  
I will ever kiss & tell .

I went on tangents
While being people’s fixer
When they needed special treatment
But now that I have forgiven them
Of how they treated me
I’ve transitioned into a Builder
& Healer
For me myself & I
For them good goes the goodbye
& boy
that triple dose is a killer.

~Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Oct 2018
For the next one
that I hope to call my lover ,

Will you be able to read deeper into people more than I can ?

Will you pray with me
in ways that are beyond me
& seek out signs more quickly
in those I speculate more
than I can ?
Can we pray over situations
whether it’s tedious or crucial ?

If not a saved Christian nor Christian at all ,
will you be able to respect my religion & sexuality
whether it’s confusing
nor unbelievable to you ?

If not confusing,
are you willing
to attempt & try
to come along & walk
that line ,
that journey
with me ?

Will you be willing
to admire my faults
& yet check my ways
of cockiness & aggressions ?

Even when I feel disrespected
& yet disrespectful ,
will you be my
conscience & guide
like I would do for you
at anytime ?

Will you be man enough
to put me in my place
& yet still be by my side  most of all my days ?

When you’re far away
will you be able to earn the right
for me to feel your presence. Knowing I will be okay

will you lead me on
after I’ve been told by you
to get to know you
& yet you’ve
made up your mind by
blocking  me on every
social media network
within 2 to 4 Days ?

Will you be mature enough to handle my ways
of thoughts & actions
& still be mature ?

Will you love me in time
& be able to develop a stable relationship & not go too fast?

I will not settle
for a person being their trophy you brag about on social media
& idolized to the public eye like my old pastor did at his Church
with his wife & then swindled
people’s money
Their motto is to
“Love ***• Love People”
& yet instead it was more so
“Preach ***•Swindle People “
(Even when
my family asked about
the pastor to pray for our dying father they said no)
But Anyways
I will not be
sabotaged & manipulated
like my old friend’s first lover
did  to him
over again and again.

I will not be
tormented & used !
Scapegoated by a person that’s been ******* around with others
& then gets mad when another is not attracted nor attached to him.

If you are nebulous and unaccountable
of your actions
It will all lead me back to this.

Back to places where I cut you off .
When the connection dies off
The cold cases of love goes shut
All there will be left
is bad reception .

I will not settle
for being someone’s vulnerability when wanting pleasure while trying to escape from thinking about their past lover
by getting under somebody else literally .

I will not settle
for dancing in the devils shoes when *** does not like ****
& he ain’t to fond of cute.
I will not step into a light
that is dim & mellow

Mind;  conflicted by a fellow .
I refuse to pleasantly  worship a peasant that is considered
3rd party based on their actions
but a name of High Nobility & Quality when their conflicted emotions & first lovers action demonstrate a production of a foul practice from people they use as toy to ******* & ******* with then it multiplies into more quantities .

I know my worth
Will you be able to
see the purity of it ?
Will you  dance with me
& Match my optimism & energy
& feel united as one ?
If we conquer the world
Through rough times
Will you still stay ?

Or will you run
Run out the doors that were welcoming you in with open
arms & go into other doors
That were unnecessary to open .

Will you not be greedy when it comes to pleasure
Will you actually appreciate me
How I carry myself
My intelligence & heart ?
Not just  words that I am
Poetically speaking .
Will you not use me because you like or you can tolerate
my poems ?
I don’t want you if you just
want my words
I don’t want you if
You continue
To make people hurt .
I don’t want you if you don’t care about anyone but yourself .
But if you are all those things I am
Looking for in a man ,
are willing to be my refinement
& cleanse my heart & soul ?
Take me as I am because there’s one thing I’m really great at doing :
Making you bloom
&  feel whole .

~Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Sep 2018
This is what freedom
told me :
You are wise!
Wiser than most
You are magnificent
You are caring & compassionate
You are calm yet aggressive
Only to those
that have used you
Lie to you
Over & over again ; repetitive
But out of all the hurt ,
Pain, & suffrage you endured ,
You still stand strong
& continue to move mountains .

Once was a seed
Now has been sprouting
& multiplying your growth
Into the multiplicity
of your own heart felt words .

You have a gift
You are unique
You see beyond things that you should & should not see .
Though you know who you are
& you know what you want .
It’s easier said than done .

You know
yet still practice it
& it will be done .

You are not lonely anymore
There is no sadness
Love is not an open door
But it can be
Yet choose to be cautious .

You are an angel
You have the sauce
Whether it’s spicy or too hot
You have the flames to burn all the witchcraft & propaganda
Into pieces whether it needs to be cut or died off close by or from afar

Transforming each day
Getting better in every way
It takes work
But hardwork is your middle name .
& there is no sadness
&there is no emptiness
You are no longer a boy
There is no hunger
There is no thirst
Your are no longer the puppet master’s toy

You have daddy issues
You recognized your flaws
You said goodbye
to those couldn’t accept you
& hello
to those that welcomed you
& there they are .

You ; a whole book
The pages get thicker & thicker
No longer hard
to turn the page though .

Maybe  hard to read
Though you still read into people
Even if they or you can’t read in between the lines of what that they may or may not understand completely .

You are love
You are honor
Skin ; chocolate
You are brave
You are famished & full
From the abundance of ***’s love
You are everything
your mother wanted you to be .

The peasants that are here
sit & scold
But you are bold
You can’t hear them
 If *** can do great things with
Helen Keller ,
Ray Charles,
Stevie Wonder,
then you’ll be alright to
Ignore nor here
Nor see their presence
Their non-existent .
So it doesn’t matter if they walk out right now or still listen !

You are optimistic
You are fine as ****
Little do straight men know
Some girls want a bite of you
But since you’re a
*** and flamboyant
You might as well let them know !

You are beautiful
You are honest
And there is no depression
And there is no depression
And there is no depression
You have ***
& there is Forgiveness
& there is forgiveness
& there is forgiveness
You are almighty
powerful & wonderful
**** & plentiful
Blessed & humble
Loved & capable
*** is so Good !!!
You will be great
You didn’t know you had this in you
Until you let *** into your heart
& start to work inside & heal you
& create more gifts & talents
So you can showcase them on other stages & this stage .
You’ve accepted this stage of life

He is almighty
The way
Of my ways
My truth
My life
The healer of my pain
My ghosts
My days
My lies .
He is mine
He is mine
He is mine  
& can also be yours .

If he can help change a Munchenburg
so he can  help others,
Imagine what *** could do for the rest of world.

This was indeed his creation
I’m just using my words he spoke through me as a tool
For new innovations
to come soon
While speaking it into existence .

Ode to the fixing
I feel complete within myself
If I hadn’t stop to help people
I would have never thought to
restore my inner fixing & healing .

Ode to the *****
That used to run deep inside of me
I’ve gotten better with my control of tongue knowing I don’t need to cuss to prove my  point though I just used it as an ode

Ode to me
To me & what I’ve become
I’m undone from the pain
Free from the strain
Negativity poured down the drain
Took a drink of deliverance
Then came acceptance
Swallowed some
Self  appreciation
Then came
Respectable acquaintances

Ode to the fake foolery
I was blinded  by your falsity
Saw the heavy truth
But the weight is off my shoulders
You’re the one that’s
now carrying it boo .

Ode to freedom
Freedom has been key
& since *** has been challenging
my mind & what I think of everyday ,
I thank him because now I can say

I am at peace with myself
& now home at last

Mentally in his arms
while being on this earth
until I can see him at last on
Judgment Day .
When he calls my name
& I’m welcomed into his
heavenly place
I’ll be to hug him
& say

“*** I love you !
looking  back at my time on Earth
You have made feel even more full
& happy to be your son that was able to finish the race with you in my heart & steering me until it was time to come up here & stare you directly in the face .”

My spirit up above is filled with
Freedom in his Kingdom

While my body on Earth
Disintegrate along with
Forgiven sin that has also decayed.

& there is no sadness
& there is no sadness
& there is no sadness

Cuz I
I may or may not have made a name for myself on Earth
But the lord may know my name
Because when I’m done on this Earth
I know I’ve made an extra space
In his heavenly place
& I am welcomed home .

However on Earth,
I think I found my calling
& that calling will remain
in my words.

~Jordan Munchenburg~
There is poet that inspired me to write

That poet is Tonya Ingram

Check out her poem
“ Here is what Loneliness/Love tells you “

She has been the inspiration for this poem & the reason why we all should find self love
& feeling wanted .

All my poem that I write & share is because I went through all of the doubts pains & suffrage .
I found love
& feeling wanted.
I hope you all can find it as well ❤️.
MUNCHY Sep 2018
Silenced as if the world had nobody else on this Earth .
Nobody wrapped around his finger
Nobody trying to force him  to do things he would never do
Nor try to linger
behind him
very far away but always trying to hide from him .
If this was a game of  hide & seek
it would rather feel more like
fight or flight
because in the end
he still felt weak ;
Weak to the knee
Asking for forgiveness
but didn’t even realize the chaos
he was creating.
But silence is more powerful!
Better than wasting your time
Your breath,
Your words on what’s already going to be left
& gone .

The cycle keeps on continuing
but each victim has their turn
You would think they were related & yet one lacks
how the other acts
& the other acts
like what the other lacks
which is really confusing .

You can’t help those
that can
but won’t ,
but then don’t.
Don’t come to the conclusion
that they need help
when they have people to make
them feel at home .

Refuge is here
But instead their refusal
is  **** near
But I guess people do crazy things
when it comes to toxic love .
brush up on them even more
get closer to them
but that just closes doors in front of him that he can’t see
Because the figure that’s in front
will do anything
to sabotage
the mind ,
the body,
& soul
with a smiling face
strutting towards
& away
creating no more empty space
until he is satisfied
& consumes his soul ; whole.

**** near could
use a glass of Hennessy
But won’t .
I don’t drink
Nor drown nor  suffocate in people’s sorrows & refusals.
Don’t get involve
Nor get  around to help others
because everything’s
so envious & crucial .

The road you take
comes from the decision you make
The promise you make
depends on which one
you will break
The endless cycle that is still partaken in,
will eventually be laid to rest
the sooner you realize
it was kept ,
you restrain
so you need
to break the chains .

I won’t watch you struggle,
nor help you up ,
nor give pep talks
advise you,
nor surprise you.

Like castaway I was
But I finally broke away
I feel free and undone
No restraint,
Nor complaint ,
No need to stifle,
No need to speak  in vain,
I’ve flown ,
I’ve dived,
I’ve sunk ,
But came out alive,
I’ve fallen ,
I’ve cried,
I’ve done the impossible,
As if it is still
do or die !

My dismissal from your presence
has given me more strength
than the strength I gave to you when you needed me.

Nor fixer,
Not builder,
Not nurturer,
Finally a healer
I can move on from this place
But occasionally will come back
on different days
knowing you won’t be here .

In the blink of an eye everyone one will be gone
at different times of their lives
But if I’m still on this earth
I still have a calling
that nobody
will understand.
That lets me know
that *** is still
working on me ,
still pushing me,
in that direction :
Who I will see in the future?
Where do I need to go ?
*** show me the way !
*** can you open this door ?

I’m the Messenger
Spread & share your story
It’s more interesting than the perceptions & assumptions
people create about you
not knowing a **** thing at all about what you do

Until you do it for a living .
That will make you feel whole .

~Jordan Munchenburg~
MUNCHY Sep 2018
I was sixteen when my stepfather died
so I started to follow Christ
Though I knew
that there would come a time
when my faith would be tested .
I was living this tragic  double life
by faking the funk
while trying to be alright
I guess you can say I never expected the unexpected.

I’m known as the fixer,
the healer,
Be motivating for those that need a motivator,
the hugger,
the seeker,
Believe in those that need a believer
But there’s one thing
One thing
I’ve always wanted .

When I was fourteen
you caught my eye
But later on down the road
you didn’t treat me right
so I had to stop ,
take a breather ,
& then realize
what I wanted in my life .

I can love hard
but I won’t be *******
I can be strong for others
but I won’t be used
by ****** needs of others
with their outbursts & attitudes
in their life
because that’s what they
like to use to substitute.

I was 17 when you first came out
So I thought I had a shot with you
But that idea burnt out
But before  I turned 18 you started acting flirtatious towards me .
I told you what I’m all about  
& how much your heart plays big part in mine some how .
I’m not like the rest of these folks that lack the action of being a committed boy friend
But I realized you heart was broken by your first  love
that came to an end.
& yet you still choose
to “mess” with him

I can be the healer,
the nurturer
Be inspiring to those that need an inspirer,
the decision maker,
the provider,
Be the guide to those that need a guider,
But there’s one thing,
one thing
that I’ve always wanted .

Now I am 18 soon to be 19
& all of this stuff is not so surprising
Because every year,
every day,
every moment,
Has someone or something
snatched away from me
as if I had owned it .
But I can’t seem to figure out why
All my life
it’s been filled with
We’ll see’s
& eventually’s
& I hope that  people
can relate &
Understand to what I’m saying .

But out off all of those
maybes & possibilities
I pray to *** that one day
he’ll bless
& grant me
the wish I’ve always wanted
treasured & needed .

My mind ,
& soul
has been blessed with capabilities & things I never knew
I once had & now told
But my heart is weakening
as I’m still thinking
because  the one thing I keep saying & needing ,
no one in my life
can do for me.

I WANT TO BE .... loved

But I know my time will come
I want to be able to say
That every **** day
I am
truly ,
& unconditionally
loved .

& then it found me ....

~ Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Sep 2018
He was once weak
Scarred by what was not
meant from him to see
Every time a chain
he wanted to break
There was always
a board ,
block ,
A barrier in his way
to let someone see the beauty
In this case,
“ handsomeness-within”
that was a better than what was outward on display .

A face has so many expressions,
intentions ,
Point of views
That lead to assumptions & perceptions .
But what he felt inside is unexplainable to the human eye
& it’s nothing any other person
can ever truly feel .
True feelings can be expressed
yet people can say things are okay
But when a person
drifts one day to the next
Keep pushing
Keep thriving
Excel the bull
Because that’s not worth fighting ,
It becomes tiresome
So he fell apart
& couldn’t get back to where he was before
& just like a painting
You have to take time
To pay close attention
to every detail.
Don’t rush
The strokes
The faded colors
Be woke
Inside like as if this was your last time
mastering the art
But that’s different from
a person’s heart .

Yet he  kept getting  closer
& as he  kept getting older
His  heart could no longer take
Being apart of another person’s troublesome heart
if that person can’t
let him in all the way .

He was once free
But in reality
People see him as their animal spirit
Or just beautiful human
But their blinded by the outward appearance because he failed to tell them how he’s truly feeling

So he puts up walls to block out the reality .
Uses the stage to tell the story of people he portrays
But in his mind
The characters he portrays
are always somewhat relatable
in a way .

He used art
when he feels broken
Though he falls
apart mentally
But parts of him are revealed in ways that might be surprisingly beautiful
to the viewers watching ,
audience members observing ,
But inside the vulnerability
Expressed in a magnificent ways
comes to life.

Loves the theater
But can’t stand the drama
If it’s not on the script
on paper written
He wants nothing to do with it because will lead to traumas.

But he knows that in reality you’re going to come across people
That always talk their talk
Still knowing he’ll walk that walk.
Like walking on water
Parting the sea
like *** did with Moses
Feeling free
Sprouting like plants
that are plentiful
& beautiful like daisies & roses
But will never be ****** down
Hanging onto the tight rope .
He will climb & move mountains
In order to get to ***’s
next challenge
& obstacle somehow .

If you can’t handle what people throw at you’ll break like a twig
If you let your inner demons get the best of you,  you won’t live
If you overthink things that
will only affect you for minutes
Instead of thinking about other stuff that will affect you for your lifetime for the better not for the worse ,
you won’t enliven
You’ll just be weakened

But all it takes is strength
To break apart what wasn’t
yours  to hold on .
You were never made the fall in line for anybody
You are you !!
Don’t let people change you  because you want to make a difference for only them & not you
Take this as a life lesson seriously.
When there’s weakness
there’s also strength
When there is darkness
there is light
Others might not see the light because they are blinded.
And if they’re blinded
that means that they’re
not ready for the light
& yet it came to you
  so step into it .
They will linger
being motionless
unseen ; invisible
wanting some of your light
you have been given .
People make more
dirt for themselves
when their still looking
for nourishment
& nutrients
when their just a ****
& your flower that
blossoms & grows .

~Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Sep 2018
Before ,
His heart was weakened  
afraid he would die from the vessels of a damaged heart
that was always tainted.
Before ,
He felt uneasy and
due to the abundance of tough love
& lack of there of
that he wasn’t used to ,
There was an
of obstinate
erosion of
love within
that was

He changed
from this happy soul
to this hellish unwanted Ghoul.
Even the devil would be so shocked !
So proud that all his little work
had payed off
& has  been the start of
the next level of what he could do
to his predator that was still too
at a  mental state
of delusional manipulation
& pain .
He was about to be a ticking bomb
ready to explode!

He was a snake
The boy was Steve
The closer the snake got.
The more damage the devil could do to this boy’s feelings .
Don’t you see ?

When you’re immune to pain
The devil can work
in mysterious ways .
You can have a sense of acrimony .
Once your heart
has been betrayed
by those that still walk around acting like they
didn’t cause the pain ,
It drove him insane .  

So why do good things happen to people that make poor choices
& have filthy hearts
while bad things happen to people that make  somewhat good choices
& tries to love others
& yet at the end of the day
have a broken heart ?

What’s surprising is that
the boy was once wise
Like the 3 wise men .
Had a heart of purity
but was no match
to ***’s son Jesus
Had the walk of a defined confident human being
but yet inside
His mental state
that was no longer the same
as the outward appearance
he very well displayed,
well he’s here to say
that looks can be deceiving !!

Jesus wept
So did Steve
Forgave those that wronged him
Cried out to *** saying
“*** why have you forsaken me ?”
Well Lord why have you forsaken Steve ?

Why is he still hurting ,
Emoting ,
Depressed ,
Exploding ,
going crazy ,
Eroding .

How ?
How can he pick up the pieces
Of someone else’s dark secrets
& yet they
get to walk way
free and
He still has no one to love
nor to believe in?

Tell me where ?
Where are you now ?
When Steve needs some comfort
Away out .
Where ?

Lastly , when ?
When will Steve be able to let
Someone in
Love him unconditionally
Instead of dealing with a different person but doing same thing over & over to him .
When ?

Being broken
was not the way for him
nor was it the token
to get to a place
and state of healing.
Little chunks of his heart
was swollen from the pieces that kept falling apart
From expressing love
but not receiving it.
It was in his blood
& yet fondled & played with.
But now he has awoken
from the devil’s manipulative spiritual hellish hypocrisy .

He realized
just because he was bent
doesn’t mean he was broken.
That magnificent art
he stills creates
From his tainted - broken heart
has worked .
What a blessing how *** can work in mysterious ways .

Even if the devil still lingers
Beneath or Above the Earth.
The boy has now had enough
& now knows it won’t work .
Because Jesus has him now .

He brings & leaves
his pain at the cross
Prays each day  
like his life depends on it .
& when he dies one day ,
he hopes the people
that he tried to love
knew that he was
the abundance of
it all .
When he meets ***
on Judgement Day ,
he hopes he will be let in
because of the pure heart he still has buried underneath
& beneath  
the acrimony
he once had before
died .

He wants to lie
the acrimonious ways
of thinking to rest.
Be Healed
& Transformed .

Where there’s no pain
or suffering .
No antagonist
No tricks for those that felt treated.
Nor protagonist
No place for the wicked ways
of the wicked .
No temptation
that leads to damnation .
Just a beautiful place
where he can awake
& be free
from what the world
& society once was
when he
was living.
To him
living eternally
in ***’s Kingdom ,
will probably
be more welcoming
than he tried to do for others that treated him
like he
was nothing.

He put up all those walls
that were bound to fall
in time .
Little did he know
Jesus was with him
with those walls he created
& now he’s a free man and
Satan has been rebuked
No longer comes to weakened  
Nor to steal
Nor destroy
the boy .
No longer his puppet
Nor toy .
Because now the boy
is a man in the making
now enjoys
the glory
the company
the abundance of
***’s love indeed
& is now in the hands
[No longer in rainy mental states ]
& is now in the hands
[ Because he found ***
in his darkest days]
& is now in the hands of ***.

Steve wanted a
personal king to love
But the irony of it all
Is that the king he wanted was far from the almighty king
that was with him all long
throughout his acrimony
Standing by his side
Being the conscience
for him as a guide
While watching from above .
He realized that Steve isn’t so supposed to like Adam
He was taught Adam & Eve
Not Adam & Steve
And that Steve ,
that went through all that acrimony
That’s now out of his system
& in the hands of ***
was me .

~ Jordan Munchenburg ~
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