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adel Pacheco Jun 2014
Its that ***** goes walks
In see that she can't knock
Well no prob
I'll just smoke and get backed
you were always fake
For gods sake
For once don't be a sly snake
Slithring with a knife about to stab me
You like watching me be in pain
So , don't hate on me
Because it ain't free
Since when can a ***** be her with out me
Yes I blow o's and always French inhale
And ghost inhale
Now you can't see me
Catch me if you can
I'll Mr waiting in my van
I put in imna box so I don't need an Xbox
Hope u give me a membership
Or I'll brake u into 500 Lil *******
This is only one part/ demo of my new song
And this comes from my heart decaded to one of my most hated ex's with all my darkness with hate

— The End —