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Pauline Morris Mar 2016
The beast that resides within
Is scorched in sin
My heart's as cold as ice
With me it's a roll of the dice
Will I be nice, or rip you right into
Nothings really new, it's just the way I grew
Hiding all the pain
It drove me a bit insane
Cold steel runs through all my veins
I dance in the pouring rains
Of anarchy, and mayhem
I can get inside your cranium
Plant my little seeds
And make you do my deeds
I'll show you smoke and mirrors
Thing's will never be as they appear
You will love me with only fear
And a smile from ear to ear
For once you've tasted my nectar
I'll have you till the hereafter
Anthony Perry May 2014
The bags underneath my eyes carry so much weight,
every hour i dont sleep adds to what i cannot take,
there's too many reasons why i cant sleep at night,
everything's caused by me trying to do whats right,
nothing counts anymore when i'm beaten down but all that matters to you is wearing your crown.
Have i ever mentioned that its really hard to care when emotions are so rare? I know I must have said it somewhere,
when i caught you in a lie I still tried to be fair but now you want to go behind my back and do it all again?
No, don't you ******* dare. All these feelings have led me astray, maybe this is where im supposed to stay but this can't be it,
there's got to be another way.
Patience is life's blood,
so much has poured over my edge that everywhere i step is a pile of black mud. I'll be here waiting for something new,
in a dark place hating all of you with my head down low and my hopes for something new, amidst the confusion, at least its something to do.
Anthony Perry May 2014
I was walking late at night and a group of guys came around looking for an easy fight, I kept my hopes up that they would leave but all they did was get in my face so I pulled up my sleeves, there was one on each side of me and a little one in the front, that's the one who was pushing me then grabbed my face and pulled me to his level so I could see him telling he'd **** me up like a ****, I ripped away and said dont touch me so he punched me in the gut, he just pushed me to my edge and my mental strings had just been cut so that's when I snapped, I went wide eyed, yelling and shouting, I picked up a heavy rock then hit him in the head and it went crack, red is flooding through his hair going everywhere and now he's screaming that all he's seeing is black, he's pleading but I just can't stop because I made a pact with the demons inside that are pounding on the walls of my heart making it feel like its under attack, the other two are backing away in shock with their jaws dropping every second like a clock, I must look like an animal but I'm just trying to fight the urge from turning into a cannibal except my brain is firing synapses like cannonballs so I'm finding myself chewing on his ear like I've got a pair mandibles, I'm a tried and true horror fiend, sticking my fingers in your eye sockets because you couldn't seem to see that I'm not what I seemed, all this blood on my teeth I'll assume you could see it gleam while I was chewing on his cheek, after gnawing on this guys neck it seems he has sprung a leak so I got up and stared staring, while laughing at the others I was yelling that I'm winning and I'm grinning because I'm feeling a little like Charlie Sheen with a presence of comfort and zen, after this fight I realized the box where I keep my sanity has got no ceiling since I'm beginning to chuckle again and again after seeing that all is left is just 2 and a half men

— The End —