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AvaGrace Jul 2018
when i should sleep i think of you
when i should wake i close my eyes
i shut my blinds
ignore the sky
i bite my nails
or else my tongue
i go to work
and keep on trying
ive stiched onto my face
that cardboard smile
i have a blessed life
but it's hard to taste
the fruit of the garden
that is covered with thorns
i try to be appreciative but sometimes you just have to mope
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Day by day, harder
for me to take it.
There's little or no
chance I'll make it.
To the natural end
of this brittle life
Stay my hand or I'll
find a way to break
what's left of me.
Left idle my hands
wring pain through
my brain, dry as
bone and barely
Marjorie Jeanne Jul 2016
You showed me a letter
It broke my heart into pieces
As i saw that you liked her better
My energy decreases

Stop playing with my feelings
Stop giving me false hope
I'll stop in giving so much meaning
For you're the reason why i mope
Autumn Whipple Jan 2015
the dark is like
a cup of
a nostalgic omnipresence
that never fades
always the same at the end of every day
but no walls can keep me protected
from the thoughts that the dark brings like
unwanted guests to
a pity party
we belong to the dark
born in the dark
erased in the dark
never felt so alive entrenched in black
yet so dead
because closing my eyes does nothing
to the sheet that lays over my eyes
where there is no light to hide
the waking world
well. i really need to stop being a teenage girl and write some non romance-y stuff and actually try to write something i wont be embarrassed to read in three years.

— The End —