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in the whites of our eyes,
no language can interpret,
in the skins of lost bodies,
no soul can birth rich flesh,
in two hearts beating twined,
by all what blight moon shows.

i have walked alone as you,
creeping in avenues so alone,
i have made peace in sorrows,
that you share and i sure know,
we both stride with mists of rains,
white washed by what moon shows.

this world, cast for walking ghosts,
those who know but shadow speak,
avenues trod, unspoken indifferences,
spoke fingers that long for heated touch,
bodies crying need for moist engulfments,
beneath shroud, beams, what moon shows.
I visioned you,
With her in fields
Of long green grass
Underneath the sun.

I watched you,
****** each other
Like shears to a lamb
Naked and joyous.

You left me here,
In the plots of blade
And purple thistle crown
A princess undone.

I will nay curse you,
Nor she who destroyed
Me as I was once alive,
Woke under your spell.
Cloud covers the sky,
Flashes shimmer through,
Golden rims surrounding blue.

Your breath was lighted language

I could hardly breathe, nil airs,
The earth was smothered on highs,
My only breaths broke out into sighs.

Our breaths enjoined us once unto sun

For you, my deathly lad took all,
I look into wee, empty, cold heavens,
See shout out names of babes forsaken.

*In heaven is a moon taking breaths away
We said our love things
Under light of the moon,

New faces sparked, shimmered, tied
In the blinks of heavens, O true eyes,
Among a grand Milky Way of stars
An so hot were the froths of cold air,

Steaming in swirls of daze
Round our faces into blaze.

We said our love things
With swim of hands locked,

Rowing out to sea like little wan skiffs,
Dreamy and drunk in the ocean shifts
And muffled hearts broke skin drums,
Fell the waves rushing into dark some,

O how lovely and dire the airs
How ocean sighed with us fair,

Yet, loss grew unmeasured,
By love things so treasured,

Our little boat was cast out, away too far,
We lost dear knowledge, the guiding stars,
Confounding joys split the night so clear,
Meek, spindrift promises, offered up wares,

Vouched keen love things
Under fates, flighty moon.
Anna B Oct 2015
A lonesome quiet autumn night
With my twitching, pouring sight

Some just might, hold one tight
As lonesome as this quiet autumn night

With self-devouring, melancholy
I as many, you as few
We'll be alright in this chilly, jolly
quiet, moony midnight dew
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sheri Aug 2015
mischief and such wit
  moony, wormtail, padfoot, prongs
  they're the marauders
and when the job's done
  wave your wand and just say this
  'mischief managed!' done
cleverness present
  but wasted on breaking rules
  yet used for the fun
'Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs
Are proud to present to you
The Marauder's Map.'

— The End —