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MisfitOfSociety Aug 2019
All your cards are black,
And all your thoughts are white.
All the colors you see,
Are found in an old movie.
This pallet of thought renders you blind.
The world is made of many shades,
Stop thinking in one hue.
And think of the entire spectrum,
That is screaming out at you.
Mike Rollain Apr 2016
He was
A fallen star
Ever spinning
A hidden halo of
Hawking radiation

He dragged her in
Kicking and screaming

Swallowed her fire and spat out
The ash, now stripped of all color

Into a world not unlike the one he'd stolen her from

Her particles
Now formless
Drifted without purpose

A monochromatic diffusion of her quondam existence

The sepia shade of her filter facade
Barely deflected the stupid questions
She'd never have the answers to

But she knew what to do

She knew how to drift and spread herself
Across this rock of coruscating life

With a thinness nothing short of impressive

Like a flattened chameleon
Hidden in the midst of
A bustling city sidewalk
Ever wonder this generation as dark ages?
Ever wonder  why peace has bandages?
This society is now spicing up the dark era,
an era that makes every ego goes into pandora.

Black seems gloomy but society makes it cozy.
Peace was so easy but society drags it so heavy.

Now Light dies and so are my lies.
There's no turning back
but to go BLACK.
sweet ridicule Aug 2015
monochromatic is me
blowing in circles like cupcake sprinkles and iron clad feathers
my pores are leaking midnight drives (driving 52 in a 45) and salty salami like a
low-carb diet could heal the humans of eternal despair
I still feel ***** every bite of meat
I take this is too much of a (betrayal)
baby 16 dancing in the mirror like
the universe isn't slowly dying like the art of star gazing and my bitten fingernails aren't already

— The End —