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Judypatooote Feb 2015
Chirping crickets...

As a little girl....
I remember hearing this sound
In our living room
I ask my mom
Because mom knew everything
What is that?
She called it a cricket
mom thought crickets chirping
Was music to her ears
I remember her saying
Listen! Listen!
It's singing to us
And she was smiling
I never saw the cricket
Just heard it chirping...
One day as mom moved our davenport
Away from the wall
To dust the mop boards
She found that this chirping cricket
Was eating away at our davenport....
Now that's  what I call
"Singing for your supper"
If only we had GOOGLE back then.

By Judy
I said this before and I'll say it only takes one word to toss me a memory.

— The End —