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Carmen Jane May 2019
Your gentle touch on my face,
Always would warm up my heart,
You knew exactly my pace,
For me,you would always wait up.

I am lucky to be a mom, myself,
So, now I know what that look, meant
It's in the picture, on my shelf,
Where you show your love,unbent.

I love that I can love this way, too
And I'll make sure my kids know
Everyday I tell them”I love you
And my love for you will always grow!”

As I sing them our evening lullabies,
It transcends me, in a familiar place,
Everytime, my heart quickly realizes
These songs, I could never misplace.

I know them, ‘cause you sang them to me,
And they carry words of great love,
Unconditional and larger than the sea
A mom's love, like yours, adoring, thereof!
Ceida Uilyc Apr 2018
When she plucked
Glass shards
Pricking my sole with a surgeon’s ease
While I lay
Wondering how sharp her eyes were.
She made me cry
Scream and Wail that day

11 years since then.

When she looked
Dandruff tards
Molding my scalp with a blinded finesse
While I lay
Pondering in her lap how long there was
She made me smile
Sadly and shed tears yesterday

11 years since then.
When my Amma (mom) inspected by dandruff-clad head, she failed to notice the dandruff yesterday.
She is getting old.
She is going away.
She who could pluck the thornes and stuck-glass-pieces with a surgeon's ease a few years ago ... is a blind surgeon.
She doesn't know.
I won't let her go.

She makes me laugh, cry and smile with a strange sadness now.
I hope she lives forever.
I can't think of a life without you.
Love you so much Ma.

— The End —