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My mind remembers the past in the events that fliped my life upside down. Or maybe it is the moments that I wanted to hide behind closet doors and let myself cry. I'm not sure why it is this way but it is. When I think of years before all of the day's become a blur and only negative parts stand out. I have to try and remember days when I was happy, like really try, even though those weren't really rare as my mind makes them seem. But once I've managed to pull some out recently it only makes me tear up. These memories are always engulfed with the love I felt flowing from you when you'd put your arms around me and the look of overwhelming happiness in your eyes. These memories are the only ones that can pull me together when I feel as though I'm falling apart and I miss those days more than anything. I miss the bond we had and wholeness we shared. But I feel us moving on  with our future and there is a small but unforgettable spark in your eyes that gives me hope things are getting better.
I don't feel so alone anymore. It has been easy for us to pretend but now I feel as though things are really falling back into place little by little.

— The End —