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Johnny walker Mar 2019
My greatest hero of all time that of Mohamed Ali grew up watching all his fights from his very first to his last
the way he danced around the ring unlike any other boxer I'd ever seen never be another
Mohamed Ali
I'd never really been that Interested In boxing till I saw this guy step In the ring he was a true showman
he was truly the greatest I'd ever seen so positive In his thinking
always to have an answer to anything Inside the ring he talks his opponent down but outside the ring a generous
Saddest day of my life
to see him beat for the last time by his one time sparring partner Larry Holmes
Heavyweight boxing was never quite the same
lost Interest In
boxing again
that defeat though gone now he still my hero the great Mohamed
My greatest hero of all time Mohamed Ali showed what real boxing was he was a true
Johnny walker Jan 2019
Muhammad Ali had such an Influence on me saw every fight from first to the last
never ever be another Muhammad Ali
For he was the greatest there ever will be never had an Interest for boxing till Muhammad Alli
he floated like a butterfly with a sting like a bee truly was the greatest  
Muhammad Ali
A tribute to Muhammad Ali who had such Influence on my life a true Inspiration the greatest
Ahmed Fares Jun 2018
I don’t want to fall in love
I just want to grow in love
Growing in love is devoid of heartache, devoid of jealousy, devoid of all  nonsense that comes with falling in LOVE
I just want to walk in love
Babied in love, eat in love, sit and sleep in love and all nice things that comes with growing in love.
A growing love doesn’t fade
It doesn't rust but it lasts, it doesn’t die but lives.
A growing love dwarfs distances, it brings oceans together, it narrows the gap of differences and deepens the love.
A growing love has no boundaries of the worlds, rather it brings down the walls of the world.
A growing love wipes away the bitter tears of the past and gives hope for the future.
I just want to grow in in love, fertilized in love, cultivated in love, harvested in love and stored in love
Ahmed Fares Jun 2018
Tell me where you from
‎انتي من وين؟
I’ll tell you انا من وين
I’m from a Gabila joining tribes
Yours and mine!
You heard of Sudan?
That’s our tribe!
That’s our Gabila! our home.

Bahri Omdurman
Kosti or Sennar
‎سودان جمعتنا as one
As a Gabila we stand!
But Gabila, how come I never heard of you?
‎انتي رباطابية ولا زغاوية؟
‎انتي هدندوية ولا من الدينكا؟
Where do you come from?

Does it matter though? Because,
Either way, I think you’re a beauty!
Either way, I admire your presence!
Either look like a kandaka.
Are you a kandaka?
You are a kandaka!
I see a kandaka!
‎كنداكة سودانية
‎كنداكة شجاعة
‎كنداكة قبائلي
I’m glad I met you Gabila!

Writing by
Aseel Mohamed& Ahmed Fares
when  El Niño comes, it will  not  choose areas of operation based  on tribe, faith or political party,
we sail  in  the  same ship, if  she  sinks....we sink "fixing"!

— The End —