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Artemis Jun 10
i still miss her.
on days where i blink
and behind closed lids,
i see everything
we never were
and all
we'll never be.
Anastasia May 16
i think i kinda miss you
and you're missing from my life.
you're not missing from my mind
but you're missing from my nights.
i wish i could tell
the things i need to say
but i don't think i will
because i'm locked away.
i think you kinda miss me
i'm sad cause you're missing
i hope i get see you
and get to breath you
i really miss him. i'm in a mental institution at the moment. i won't get to see him for a while. but i will.
lullabies Mar 2017
Malam ini terasa dingin
Sedingin pandangmu terhadap aku
Namun itu kata orang
Tapi aku tak merasa
Yang terpenting atas segalanya
Adalah kamu selalu dalam jarak pandangku
Jika tidak aku mati
Padahal kamu tak memandangku
Walau tak ada yang istimewa
Bagiku kamulah keistimewaan
Sy Lilang Jan 2017
013017 #SampalocManila

Habang nagkakalampagan ang mga boses sa entablado
Habang sila'y tila nakikipagtayaan sa lotto
Habang may iilang hatak-talangkang Pilipino -- HABANG.

#MissU -- ito nga ba yung sinasambit ng puso ko
Tuwing nangungulila sayo
Tuwing nais kang masilayan
Tuwing gusto kong marininig ang tinig mo
Tuwing napapawi ang lungkot sayong yakap.

At oo, ewan ko --
Pagkat ang lahat ay magtatagpo sa **pagitan ng habang at tuwing.
Manoshi Goswami May 2016
I wish I have wings
Flapping and flapping
Leaping and propping
I would have gone searching

It’s so long
Since I have seen your smile
That shines to make me happy
Those eyes
That harbour an ocean of love
Behind the black spheres

It’s so long
Since I heard your whispers
In my ears
That brings a bouquet of smell
As earthy as the orchids blooming this spring

It’s so long
We have not sat together
Talking to the twigs
Singing with the breeze
All your songs,
Sweetened with the wrongs

I wish I have wings
Flapping and flapping
I would have gone searching
You and only you,
Today and tomorrow,
Morning and evening
Autumn and spring
Flying and flying…………………………!!
ఒక్కసారిగా ఒంటరితనం నన్ను హత్తుకుంది
కొంతసేపు ఆదరించ, మరికొంతసేపు సహించ,
ఇంకొతసేపటికి దానితో పోరాటం మొదలుపెట్టా..
ఏం లాభం ?? ఒంటరిపోరాటం ఒంటరితనంతొ!!

అమాంతం ఒంటరితనం ఓడిపోయింది
ఈక్షనం ప్రపంచం నాకు బానిస అయింది
కనులముందు ఎవరులేరు ఏవినికిడి లేదు
కాని కళ్ళల్లో ఓ ఆనందం పెదవులపై ముసి నవ్వు
ఇదంతటికీ కారణం నీ జ్ఞాపకం

.... నీ జ్ఞాపకాలతోనే నా పయణం
Emma Dec 2014
i remember you leaving
for the first time
how my heart felt shattered on the floor
my sister, my mentor
walking out the door
for the first time completely on her own
When you came back,

I remember running
running to office after hearing my name
and there you were
you were no longer on the other side of the country
you were right there

i hugged you so tight my little arms shaked
the office lady was confused
asked if everything was okay
and we just laughed
we smiled like fools

each time it gets easier
it still aches my heart
but my world no longer falls apart
and when you're home its like you never left

this time when you come I'll hold you tight
we will stay up late talking in the night
laughing, hugging, like we used to
chainedwhore Nov 2014
Theres nothing i can do to convince you that i care....
i wish you were still around so i could prove while your there....

Listening to him only brainwashes you....
theres nothing on heaven on hell that i woouldnt do for you...

I miss laying on the bed and just talking.....
you always had something intrestring to say....

I always thought you seemed older then what age u did say....
But some actions made me think ya ur young born in may.

I wanted to know more about you and tell you my secrets too
I guess that wont ever happen now.....

I just need to get over you.
you hate me *** of his lies and i cant change it *** your not around me...thats so depressing.
chainedwhore Nov 2014
I know youve moved on and sadly its without me~
Even thou thats not how it was  intened to be...

We had so much fun when we were together...
Doesnt matter now but i wanted you to be here forever...

I loved to cook and make food for you ...
I didnt even get to make the best dishes like i wanted to...

I hate that you and I dont talk anymore...
Not when you Become another person....
I dont like that and want that no more.

I want to talk to YOU.....
like we used to do.....

But I know you never will

and Im trying but its so hard to swallow that pill!!!
I miss you so much and wish we still spoke.
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