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SA Szumloz Jul 2020

Loud = Outspoken
Weak = Enduring
Embarrassing = Unique
Stupid = Young
Vain = Proud
Aloof = Fierce
Clueless = Dreamer

Watch your language.

I am probably the most honest person in my family. However, whenever I speak my mind about something, most of the time, I get judged for it. My family calls me "rude" and "disrespectful". I don't think I am. At least I am not bottling my feelings inside like most people my age do.
eeriewisdom Oct 2015
I'm baffled by her artwork way
the painter be my maker may
her beauty shades of indigo
I feel her pulse on my soul sew
a dreamer may I be but now
for when I sleep a golden bough
I see her there on waking line
and when I'm here, her pulse beats mine
we live amalgam, mulling full
...albeit ephemeral;
the chasms full of cosmic care
day calls the light, I hold her there
don't come for me, stay resting sun
for when I wake, I breathe love none
and strangers act we truly be
you true reside thus dreams don me
-must be someone else
ryn Sep 2015
Hidden star against the dark backdrop of night.
Not seen...
Not heard...
Struggling to assert existence with waning light.

Stifled are the stories dying to be told.
Eclipsed are the emotions
within collapses and folds.
Cloaked is the voice
that screams in silent anguish.
Disenchanted is the will
that once spoke of flourish.

I see you black star...
Know that...
You're nearer than far.
Dig deep...              
Past the charred, crumbling skin.
Dig deep...          
Into the beating heart within.

Know that...
You're better than any of them.
Any of us.
Time will only reveal,
what the sky sought to despicably conceal.
Your true calling.
Not as the quiet sentinel
that no one sees...
but a cosmic gem.
For those who are constantly being overlooked, misjudged and wronged in any way.

I see you...
Inspired by Radiohead's "Black Star".

— The End —