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Colm Apr 2018
Mirrored like a windowpane
I know you’re there, but not at all
No great height at last it would be
To fall like this, endlessly
Into the wellspring of it all
But to a craft and wet stone be
The way you hone the idea smooth
Like a riverbed, put me to rest
And toss me as a stone unto
And in doing so
Smooth me into you
No comment from behind reading glasses - Because now is not the time
Noah Stowe Apr 2016
The only woman I have seen was through the mirror.
The only men I have laid eyes upon the faces  of you and father.
Features like yours belong to none another.
You are the only one that belongs in my heart.
You are the only one that belongs by my side.

I can't think straight around you,
My actions aren't mine,
And I forget the ways of my own flesh and blood.
This was based on a line that stuck out to me in the Tempest.
Balkus Oct 2015
Miranda Kerr,
Miracle face, you can't
forget. Light of
on random me,
attracting my eyes,
turning me into
a jaw-dropped thrall.

Sudden amusement,
like death
taking my breath, when I look
at her - when I stop
and stare, and
I don't dare to stop to stare.

mirrored in face,
whispers of lust,
from lips - pink jewels like.

You can wear Svarovski rings
necklaces, earrings so on
but you'll never look like
Goddess of flare.

You can grin and do you best,
but you'll never have
Mona Lisa
wouldn't even try to try.

You can contour and shadow
your eyes,
but you'll never turn them
into a diamond
her alike.
chloe fleming Apr 2015
someone told me time heals everything
but time is not gluing my heart together and fixing the spaces where you belonged
time is not erasing the image of your body, lifeless and cold
time is not healing anything
all time does is stall.
cody dale Feb 2015
it doesnt matter how many there is
i dont have to show how wealthy i am
you should loook past the roses and my wallet
into my heart
and admire the love and passion for you
all the love that rests
for you
in my arms and legs
my feet and hands
in my blood
which is the color of
red roses
gonna ask her a question pray for me
chloe fleming Jan 2015
the earth tilts,
as does my heart
missing you

— The End —