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Vadim Slivinski Jul 2020

The door opens
With a creaky sound
Resemblant of that
Of an upright.
I tremble
And dissipate
Under a distinct impression
Of a mellow fingerdrum
As the elder brother rushes
Towards the second son
For a goodbye hug
Or, perhaps, a goodnight kiss.
Walls become wet
And gently crush me
Into a coffee bean sparkling
Glittering mass of yesterdays.
For what was, is and to come
Is surely hidden inside a matchbox
You keep in your inner pocket
To protect from rain, burglary
And other troubles.
Look up at the sky:
I’m standing close to you,
Garlic and tobacco odour included.
Even when I’m not actually

The stars;
They aren’t other worlds
(although some people say they are);
I propose a toast to my self-control
And to the sweetest place I’ve ever visited —
The corners of your mouth.
Another late-night morphinesque reminiscence
Karma Jones Nov 2018
the most minimalistic poem is this one
just two lines and now i'm done
I'm not sure where this came from
Rachel Chumley Jun 2018
just for now
i'll see you
not in the way
that you hoped
but in
the end.
Written sometime last year as a footer to a note meant to be left behind.
SeaChel Jan 2018
The simplicity
of a haiku is sublime,
though quite vexing too.
I love the minimalistic nature of haikus, yet also wish I could fit more emotion in sometimes.  Writing haikus definitely helps me expand my vocabulary and test out words I'd often not use.
Miranda Renea Jun 2017
She's the slow sort of lover,
The kindle stiking the blaze.
She burns like hot coals; melding
Skin with skin like molten metals.
This wildfire will not be tamed;
Will not bend to any whim.
She grows ever stronger with
The passing summer wind.
Shivendra Om May 2017
Red lipstick–
The door ajar
to your sensuality
well concealed
behind your cold
By Luca Shivendra Om
( C ) Luca Shivendra Om
Shivendra Om May 2017
Endings and changing
–the obsolescence
of persistence
by Luca Shivendra On
(C) Luca Shivendra Om
Shivendra Om May 2017
Your hair–
seeweeds floating
on my blue
by Luca Shivendra Om
(C) Luca Shivendra Om
ZT Aug 2015
There are times when we dont ask for the best
We just want a bit of happiness

When a dozen of flowers and a bunch of cards aint enough
But those three words is more than enough

When dining in high class retaurants isn't romantic
But eating street foods with you is so sweet

When you do every thing I ask isn't lovely
But smiling at me melts my heart

I do not ask for your whole life to be mine
All I want is a piece of me to be a part of your life

And a doze of you in mine.
That is how I'll have my happiness in small dozes. <3
Those times... Yes we just have those times...

— The End —