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Arcassin B Jun 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

Could you take me away from here, I need a s.o.s.
I need a place to satisfy me, my love could you try me.
Pacing different places aligning with different faces
Pertaining to me saying this is not my pure Oasis,
Could you find me in this simulation lingering from the stages,
Of a dark mental psychosis that I'm learning in these pages,
Peace ain't far away.

Stay with me and I'll take you to the wonderland,
Peace ain't far away.
Jump down the rabbit hole,
The aces will unfold,
Peace ain't far away...

Don't you ever let the pieces fall,
Don't you regret it all,
Peace ain't far away in these Halls,
Pacing different places aligned with different faces,
Just like your ex's, do you regret them all?..

Stay with me and I'll take you to the wonderland,
Peace ain't far away.
Jump down the rabbit hole,
The aces will unfold,
Peace ain't far away.

SelinaSharday Sep 2018

I keep..
Minding my own business.
in the kitchen doin the dishes..
minding my own business..
keep trying ta forget..
Not wanting to digress..
To where I feel your absence and my loneliness.
Seeing your conditions..
Reminded in my visions
I see your hands through my own hands.
I remember the simpliest things..
Even though your absent finally from my dreams.
I've been seeing you even down to the basics of you.

The unstraight lazy walk the deep sound in how you talk.
I'm still minding my own business I must confess.
I'm a little wounded yet healing.. Coping well with my feelings.
Missing those interpersonal roles.. naughty ways to console.
So old and foundational..
With you so long that our chatting.
It used to get kinda confrontational.
So close I don't think you ever truly knew.
The closeness now makes me blue.
But right now i'm just kinda tired of spiritually seeing..Y.O.U!

SelinaSharday..2018_09 .S.A.M
I really don't like it.. and i really wanna forget..
Arcassin B Aug 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Constant as conscience,
Blind to the fact to be lead in abundance,
this substance,
Look into the soul it calls in an instant,
serving penance,
We all have demons and all have depression,
It worsens,
No hope for the future , mental break
Society, brings you hatred and brings you
income and its evil,
For more dawns where we could have a
day for completion,
I know that it hurts , I know that it hurts,
I could see It,
Following the rabbit as time comes and goes,
How could judge another thinking what he
wanna think , or what she wanna think, or
what they wanna think?
How could you, throw your belief in the
real away for what you think reality is?
Thought you fearless....
We Are Stories Sep 2017
i thought that growing up
i would look back on all that i've seen
and see you standing right next to me-
to my dismay
i am again standing in the gap-

i thought that growing up
we'd be closer than before
closer than closed doors-
yet i slam
that door shut
every day-
and i beg you
to go

who am i today
who am i today
who is i  going to be
and where will that lead i?
will i be another symphony
is i just another expressed belief?
what does i believe-

oh i
what do you see and why
do you see oh i
the way you do
and why
do i oh i
still follow

if i isnt me
than is me just another empty space
that i left behind
in the aftermath of
finding out who i is?
-me is just an empty lot
waiting for i to reattach to the host
-empty walls now make me i's empty ghost.

i isn't who i should be
not me
not me
not me's position to be choosing personality-
than who is the rhymer and the writer!
the pen and ink!
who are the author and who are the book!
who are they!
who are the shadows that haunt my mind!
who are the shadows of glory divine-

who are the devine
and they still make me question why
but i'm still learning tonight
and maybe tomorrow will be my last fight
with that angel underneath heaven's ladder
and i will finally get the rest i need
for it's tiring
fighting with angels
knowing that you can't win
but knowing they won't let you lose-
for i truly want to lose for once
and figure out that death isn't worth it-
and figure out that i had a greater purpose.
Ma Cherie Jun 2017
lovely lil song bird,
singing me asleep,
so early in the morn still,
an tho it not too deep,

I drift away so sweetly
dawn dripping through the sky,
I ask again for sweet rest
to rest my weary eye,

unburden me with slumber,
at least I shall not think,
while closing lids of tired,
I wait again to blink,

until I reach my dream state,
where often  dreams are good,
an I would gladly come back,
as often as I could,

I enter through a doorway,
a skylit hole for key,
the brightest blue of yonder
is beckoning to me,

I reach inside my pocket,
pull out the key I found,
but sadly in a second,
I hear it hit the ground,

I sigh with deepest sadness,
a devastating sound,
unfortunately I can't find it,
on here this type of ground,

biblical stacks of my hopes,
in virtually a sea
covering the Earth there,
eye-dentical the keys,

my mind,
to the infinite possibilities
we are offered daily,
so I pick one-

an I wake up.

Ma Cherie © 2017
We Are Stories Nov 2016
well we can sit inside the sun for days
growing hungry, foaming at the mouth
like the red will gloss over our lips
cooling the flames bursting from our eyelids-
stare in silence waiting for bad dreams
hoping old ghost are familiar faces to greet
black plagues coughed up in disease
watching our skin disintegrate into the bone and wash out to the sea-
and i could sit and wait for the fire to spread
bursting through your blood vessels again and again
until your eyes run black,
how much longer until the end
i've waited for this moment long before it even began!

-i could watch this world crash and burn before i lift a finger
i've waited so long to watch us fall apart, watch the taste linger-

if this is the start of the end then lets end
the small talk telling us to say we're old friends
because if i could i would cut you off from all this pretend
and imagine a world where there's no more to bend!
i want to forget!
the voice comes around to let my thoughts grow sound!
if there's anyway to start, then lets begin!

-i'll wait inside your closed closet doors
hoping that when i come out, you'll be nothing more-
Jesse Davey Nov 2015
I often picture you and I, in my minds eye.

What we could have been? Where we could have gone?
What we could have done?

When I picture us, we are together in the perfect union. A flawless partnership.

My strengths are the pillars to support your weaknesses, and yours to mine.

Our love is the indescribable force which motivates me to do better in times of challenge and That support us in times of pain.

Why can't you see? It is a true injustice that you cannot!
I long for an end to this limitation.

I yearn for you to be able peer into my minds eye, even for but a moment. To see what we could be.

— The End —