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Juan Bot Feb 2019
The arrow is like the mountains
With its spikes and turns
Rises and falls.

3 cent,

This poem is about how precious life is and its ups and downs. But at the end of the day, everyone can become a millionaire.
when I wrote my first book
and had it published

my family didn’t even know
I was a writer

hell, I didn’t even know I was a writer
until 9 months prior to my
first publishing

but they were quick to assume
that I was now wealthy in riches

asking if I had quit my job yet
or my dad asking if I was a
millionaire now

and I told him, that
everything was the same
only that I had just done
something else that doesn’t
involve the same routine
of work and life.

but in his brash tone,
he immediately had to
one up me by telling me
that he just got done building
6 Panera Bread restaurants
within a one year timespan
in the Minneapolis metropolitan area.

“we all got our small victories.” I told him

mine just happens to be
words on blank pages
between covers

his just happens to be
$17 ham and cheese

you’re best
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
All the money in the world can’t buy love,
if all you receive are material things,
then really what was any of it worth,

I mean what would you pay,
to just have peace of mind for a day,
it seems peace of mind is worth more than any piece of artwork,

just ask John Paul Getty,
or better yet ask John Paul Getty The 3rd,
lost his ear over a few million dollars,
They say “You can’t buy love.” haven’t you heard?

In other words,

a Monet may be worth millions,
but a family is priceless,
I’d suggest not haggling with the well being of those you love,
because when you pay less you don’t know what you’ll really get,

and you get what you pay for,
and love is free so why pay more,
see it seems no matter how many lessons you learn,
there is always more in store,

on the shores,
of Malibu California,
eating grapes & crepes at The Getty Estate,
which was made to replicate The home of The Emperor Adrian from Roma,

built in the spitting image,
John thought he was a reincarnation of Adrian,
see our bodies are worthless but our soul’s are timeless,
now I’ve got so lost in thought that I forgot where we were again,

oh yes I remember now,
like an old man remembering what really matters,
having his moment of truth while taking his last breath by a fire,
with a priceless masterpiece resting in his clutches,

what matters is love,
what matters is the energy of integrity,
because without integrity no matter how much money,
all we’ll leave behind is an empty legacy,


all the money in the world can’t buy love,
if all you receive are material things,
then really what was any of it worth,

I mean what would you pay,
to just have peace of mind for a day,
it seems peace of mind is worth more than any piece of artwork…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Living Gods

My God we’re Gods,
see no matter what we do we’ll leave behind a legacy,
working forward with the tools we’ve got,
without getting worked up or caught up realizing that everything’s only energy,

which is why we take in stride the fact that we’re modest aristocrats,
I mean after all how much money does one man need,
I mean we’ve got millions which is plenty enough to live on,
plus we’ve got friends who literally have billions,

I mean I don’t even need that much,
I mean I’m more motivated to feed the needy than dominated by being greed,
plus billions is a lot of money I’d even wager to say it’s too much,
& I don’t want nor need that kind of responsibility,

I mean I don’t even need all the money I already have,
don’t really care about jewelry or cars or the name on name brand tags,
I just want to be with good friends in good weather eat healthy & live comfortably,
plus I’m not impressed with how much you take my interest is more about how much you give back,

because true wealth is about having good health in body mind & soul,
& giving back to the world in kind is usually a good sign of that,
plus I see God’s work more in the Philanthropist than in the Evangelist,
& we’re Gods which is why I give every dollar I make from my art back,

I don’t need the money I mean I make more on the interest in my saving than I spend on living,
plus I’m not having kids & I’m giving everything away to charity when I pass anyways,
so when I die please burn my body send my ashes to the sky & donate my money to worthy causes,
& don’t ask why just realize or at least accept that it’s all part of The Prophecy that I am and it’s great,

because honestly,

we’re Gods,
& I don’t mean that in any way that’s blasphemous,
I mean that in the past there was Isis there was Mercury & there was Horus of course,
& we’re the modern day incarnations of greatness shining so bright they can’t ignore us so they ask for us,

see the truth is that we are the new Buddhas & you could be the new Zeus ‘cause,
energy never dies it just changes form as it always has for all of infinity,
& I honestly used to wonder what my roll was,
but now I see I’ve been nominated to be the scribe that writes these verses faithfully,
so I type away on my laptop instead of throwing back mad shots,
because someone’s gotta scribe these vibes so that our legendary lives’ will live in Eternity eternally,

& now that I’ve got that out of the way let me get back to what I was saying,
about how we’re Man Gods not at all unlike the Pharaohs that used to exist in Rome & Egypt,
which makes sense & is appropriate given that one of the kids at the event I was at tonight,
wore threads that were from the King of Morocco only difference is there’s wheels on our chariots,

and our horses are under our hoods,
but we still have Tridents as our emblems,
that’s a Maserati reference not that it makes a difference,
because when we die our bodies all return to the same essences,

saw another guy at that event,
which was at a house on The Hampton’s biggest estate property,
he wore the Caduceus around his neck,
which is the symbol of the God Mercury,

it was then that it occurred to me,
or rather was reaffirmed to me,
that we are all Gods which is not at all odd,
given the position that we sit in currently,

& I asked him,
if he knew what the symbol around his neck meant,
& he replied as he stared at me with stars in his eyes “Of course I do,
it’s the symbol on the staff of the God Mercury.”, to which I answered, “Yes”,

& then he said he made music,
after which I told him I write books to leave my mark,
& mark my words he’s going to be famous and so will he shout out to Billa,
because for those that are chosen to be shown the path is already known in the stars,

so if you want to know where I am just look up,
& you’ll know I’m always close as long as you can see the sky,
& when I’m gone you’ll still have these books Love,
because art is the only thing man creates that stands the test of time,

plus  these body’s we have are not all that we are in this life,

we are Love & we are Light & although we might look like mortal kind folk,
that’s only our disguise so we can hide from immoral rivals see we’re actually Immortal Idols,
& we try to stay humble but it’s tough to stay modest to be honest,
when you’re Gods & Goddesses that feel so good you can’t hide the smiles,


my God we’re Gods,
see no matter what we do we’ll leave behind a legacy,
working forward with the tools we’ve got,
without getting worked up or caught up realizing that everything’s only energy…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

Hamptons July 2018
Randall Walker Sep 2017
Used to lie to friends,
Say I was millionaire,
That I was daddy’s trust fund baby,
Living without a care.

The truth was, in practice,
Hard to bear.
The plain fact was
I just wanted up and out of there
No more
Always living on the brink,
No more
A scared, scarred broken link,
No more
Downward sinking, screaming someone save me, please!
No more
There goes another half my soul this week.

My mind was a dark lair of horrid wares,
So trust when I say
I was as disfigured inside as out.
And, now, I’m not so sure,
Have things come to  a turnaround?
that I’ve found my two hearts.
I have both my true love and writing.
So how
Do I still feel the noose there,
And how come
It won’t stop tightening?
Aaron LaLux Mar 2017
These days everyone’s caught up in catch phrases,
well not everyone but most,
no one’s got time to read the whole thing anymore,
well not no one but most,

here we go,

strap in your seatbelt,
or ride recklous out the sunroof,
ride clean or ride *****,
this days Spoofs sell more than Truths,

youths with boots worth more than that of the life of a Sudanese child troop,

everyone wants to be a Chamillionaire,
well not everyone but most,
everyone wants to be Tupac with the Juice,
well not everyone but most,

here we go,

on the ride of a lifetime,
where you get off in your free time till you ultimately get off,
see we all get on with nothing but a one way ticket,
on this roller derby coaster until it’s over and we get off,  

like Casey Jones high on ******* a conductor on this Train of Thought,

everyone wants to be on the scene as an American Gangster in this American Dream that we’ve got,
well not everyone but most,
everyone wants to sell their Soul or at least trade it for Fame but everything can’t be bought,
well not everyone but most,

here we go,

trying to not speak in riddles,
because He’s a genius as long as people understand His words,
no time for nonsense on this conquest to conquer the constant combat in contests,
in fact I’d like to erase the whole idea of Contests and Contesters,

I must confess Sir that I do protest our constant fetish for Obsessors and their obsessions,

everyone wants to be Instagram famous,
well not everyone but most,
everyone want to feel better than everyone else,
well not everyone but most,

here we go,

we’re at the point in the Piece where I try and prove my point,
where I try and come up with a catchy catch phrase,
where I try and bring it all back around so you get the chills,
but honestly my vision’s starting to fade and I forgot what I was going to say,

and that’s okay because I don’t think anyone cares anymore anyways,

because theses days everyone’s caught up in catch phrases,
well not everyone but most,
no one’s got time to read the whole thing anymore,
well not none but most,

anyways never mind either way ready or not here we go…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
If I had a dime for every poem or song I wrote
That never made it, I'd be a millionaire,
If I had to survive by my own creations,
Be my own boss, I'd be a total dead scare.
Donna Bella Oct 2014
There so called "flotsam"
I'm standing on millions now
Walking down the alley where I use to lay on the sidewalks
Saw the men who called me "flotsam"
But they didn't recognize me instead they complemented me on this Hermes apparel
I let them talked
Asked them where they work
They work for my company
I decided to leave
But before I left
I turned back around
I told them I'm the man that's so called "flotsam"
By the way you're fired
Eu Claudio Oct 2014
little red rose
your colour only exists in my brain
I'm afraid

the green in the grass and the trees
don't belong to them
belong to me

and you sky
do you think you're beautiful with that blue?
that's all in me not in you

I do feel like a millionaire
since the 1 million colours I see
it's something I can't share
'cause they're not really there
they exist in me

— The End —