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Payton Jun 2018
Even in a world of darkness,
I become your midnight sun.
Wrap me in your arms and I’ll
wrap you in warmth and light
‘til morning comes.
harlon rivers Jun 2018
(a travelogue cont...)

Waiting for summer
just outside the tallest
mountain’s door

Where the emerald vale
streams spring glacial-grey
river waters,
west into the setting
midnight sun

Another resplendent day’s
paling whisper set free
in an unseen blink
and an unheard sigh

In these unwonted moments  
eyes rise up to touch
the beckoning sky
like a bug drawn
to the light

Upward over
highest mountain's skies
abides everything
worth rising for

It's so rare
in this fleeting life,
when a dream
for a moment
comes true ―
you come to understand
how deep is silence

and ...
it doesn’t really matter
when there’re no words

harlon rivers

June 9th. 2018
11:55 pm Denali sunset ...
"don't dream it's over"
Notes: typed live on a laptop as i clumsily trip on my own fingers trying to look into the western horizon after midnight.  A big step away from a spiral and pen in hand, not to mention my abacus education and a 20,300 foot mountain peak (6200 m) ... it's got rough edges without edit but so do i...thanks for taking a look through the words
harlon rivers Jun 2018
I saw the sun steep
into the seascape ―
lonely as a drowning
         on still-waters

the dimming of the day
rescinding evanescent daylight                                                         ­         .
fading with the slack tide
         lost at sea ―
a gloaming moment
         let fall from
the remains of the day,
like some other passing
sea bird's molted feather
drifts away untamed

I sit silent as the driftwood
lingering at the watermark,
watching a random gust
    erase the footprints
of another recurring day, 
bearing abandoned memories
    and vacant heartbeats,
atrophied in the drifting sands

    and I see you walking
    towards the abating  
    midnight sunset ―
         but I know
    you're just a mirage;    
like the dimming afterglow
of so many waning moons
ever-changing tides grow low  
and promises made lightly  
         do ebb away
Scanning the distant horizon ―    
    a blindfold heart    
    mooning all at sea;
parsing a deserted shoreline,
    wondering if love
          is too late ,..
    to stem the tide ―

        harlon rivers

      30   May   2018
Note:   apologies for the inconsistent reading, posts and replies.  Internet access comes and goes out here off the grid.   Thank you for taking a look through the words― h.a. rivers

Chronological TRAVELOGUE collection:
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Snowflakes fallin' down
Chills goin' through the spine whoa
Polar night arrives
Reading about the extremes. The Midnight Sun and the Polar Night. I may see the Midnight Sun this year at Nordkapp

— The End —