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SøułSurvivør Jan 2020
Star Strangled Banner

O, Hussain can you see
Through your lies & your blight
While so proudly you sail
Through your elitist scheming
Your broad swipes & slight scars
You think you've the right
You with madness so etched
In your brain which is bleeding.
In your den, yes, your lair
Black birds nest in your hair
'Neath that roof of low height
Such duplicity there.
O, Hussain can you see
All the bones there, the graves?
In the land of Pe-lo-si...

... and the home of her SLAVES.
Some people of Arabic origin are lying to us.
But many are actually FOR US! I abhor the liars. This take on the time-honored song is not written in a effort to insult the PEOPLE of the Middle East. But the ELITES and their LIES!! Please read this entire commentary:

Iran and many of these countries like Syria have been used and abused by the elite. I'm not saying I'm any expert on the Middle East, nor am I saying my opinion matters.... But let me just say, these countries have been abused, they've been rapped of their resources, they've been forced to live in a war torn region. Many of your normal people that live in those countries, like America, they like President Trump. You are dealing with elite strongholds. These terrorist groups, who have run some of these countries, were specifically created through block op/clandestine operations to destabilize these countries, cause war and fighting and to create elite/cabal strongholds. You have age old principalities at play. You have a physical as well as a spiritual battle going on. You have two interlocking realms that are being dealt with, both in the physical and spiritual world. The elite placed their pawns in power, to take over the oil in those countries and what were they using that oil for? Human trafficking/terrorism and to fund their operations...... Trump isn't stealing their oil, he's confiscating it in order to remove the financial flow for the cabal/intelligence agencies. It will be given back when the regimes are cleaned out and the right people are brought into leadership. President Trump is giving the people of Iran the ability to take back their country, to live in peace and freedom. WW3 was the cabal's plan, but it isn't Trump's plan. WW3 was the Pentagon/DOD plan, but it isn't Trump's plan. And frankly it's not God's plan. The wars have been orchastated by the elite, that's how they operate. Trump's not playing that *******. Trump is taking down the elite/Intelligence operations in these countries.... The pawns of the very elite.

Earthquakes near nuclear facilities are blowing up underground bases and systems. The Nuclear industry is NOT innocent in this.... They had their hands in child trafficking and worse. You have interlocking realms above us and blow us, that connect to our physical realm.... These things are being delt with.

Anything the media tells you is either a lie, or propaganda. The people of Iran are celebrating. They're baking cakes and cookies and passing themout to people on the streets. They like Trump! The people yelling death to America are paid. They're also the ones killing peaceful protesters. They aren't the Iranian people.

And I'll tell you something, the people in the Middle East fighting for their freedom, from the elite have *****. They have fire.... Compared to the #snowflakes in the US.

Trump is taking down the elite system in the Middle East. Don't you get it?

— The End —