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Adrienne Nov 2019
If God made us to be      
then why do we build     
to keep each other out?
AIA Feb 2019
If it was for you
I could pretend that I was happy even if I was sad
If it was for you
I could pretend that I was strong even if I was hurt
Wishing that love is perfect as itself
Wishing all my weakness can be hidden
In a dream where nothing worked out for me
I raised a flower that couldn't bloom
I raised a flower that's couldn't bloom in a dream that can't come true
This is an English translation of a song lyrics titled *Fake Love* of a Korean Boy Band BTS. Try to listen to it and to their songs they are so meaningful. Also, they have a lot of songs that can make people relate not just about loving someone but also about loving ourselves.

#KimSeokJin #MinYoongi #KimNamJoon #JungHoseok #ParkJimin #KimTaehyung #JeonJungkook #BangtanSonyeondan
b for short Sep 2015
I’m just so tired
of carrying around these heavy bones,
of synthetic smiles and empty words,
of meaningless ***,
of dreams that cling to the sides of my head;
this chewed up, spat out,
sticky, deformed hope—
the kind you unknowingly step on,
carry with you for awhile
and notice suddenly
with a face twisted in disgust.
The same reeking kind you spend hours
digging out of the soles of your shoes
with a broken stick.

And just I’m tired.

I’m tired
of ******* the poison out of this wound,
of tasting its hot, tinny infection,
of the uncertainty of recovery,
of your one-man audience.
I’m tired of being tired,
and I’m tired of admitting
that I was a naive enough
to offer up the best parts of myself
to something pining for so much less.
will never be

I’m tired, but I’m here.
I’m here, and I’m searching.
When I find myself again,
when I regenerate all of those best parts,
I won’t be tired.
I’ll be this amazing
and I’ll make sure you and less
have the finest mezzanine seats
for the one thousand mic drops
I always knew I had in me.
© Bitsy Sanders, September 2015
Em Jul 2014
Roses are red,
           Violets are blue.
This poem *****,
           *And so do you.

— The End —