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Monisha Jun 13
Into the sea,
the choppy waters call me.

Inviting me to run my feet through the sand,
As I walk in holding  the sun in my hands.

Leaving my worries by the shore,
Or washed into the water, till they trouble me no more.

The water warm, oh so warm,
embracing  my  sorrows like a lovers arms.

Reminding me of life’s ups and downs,
Uplifting my spirits, smoothening my frowns.

And without seeking I find my way home,
Though there was many a mile that I intended to roam.

The mellow breeze whispering  that everyone has troubles too,
That’s why the beautiful ocean is blue, oh, so blue...
- MSD June 2021
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
A single flower I asked for -
a keepsake of your mesmeric beauty.
But you gave bunches of bliss
in myriad hues of yellows,
every bough beaming with heaven’s majestic smiles!
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Flowing from a mesmeric flute,
soothing chimes of melody
caress every cell of my being to a lullaby.

Like silver drizzles of sunlight
illuminating a willing landscape
to esoteric radiance,
every cell glows to a call
from the depth of stillness.

Dust returning to dust
to free the spirit from the hold of mortality
diffusing it to a primaeval wonder of
thoughtful mystery,
with new wings to migrate
to a land shut to mortals
blinded by illusions.

On the wings of the mystical whirlwind
I dance to the call of bliss
that escorts me to the
heart of its radiance.

— The End —