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acacia Oct 8
let me bask in your light,for you are higher than me right now, since we are from the same light, but today and all of my years before, you shine heavenly, you shine brightly
you beam this all encompassing cacophony of electric blue and sense-depriving white;
and i want to be this,
i pray to you for you are above me and you give me this light
i pray to you, my baby boy, for you are my guide and my love, please know I am your Mary
i pray to you because you are a close source of divine light, a close river of pure water, and i am experiencing the same divinity you encompass every time i meditate on you,
the same hydration you receive from the elixir of knowledge every time i meditate on you and the origins we share
every time i cry tears of overwhelming joy,
each time i join myself with the capacity of linearity and am on the edge of the coarse shores of Boundary and Limit, I can step my foot inside the ocean to feel the water, I will not grab or kick the water, I will immerse myself in the water,
I will be in the water

we are no buoys in the water; to not be the anchor and sink in the water, but do dissolve us farther from matter—now us, the drops, become indistinguishable from the sea
rough draft and a one take, didn’t edit really

just wrote... man really is closer to god when he faces the sea...
eF Jan 2018
You want me to leave,
But you tell me to stay.
Tell me to pack my things,
But don't want me to runaway.
Tell me the things I do you hate,
But appreciate them
When it's too* *late.
Terry Collett Jun 2016
Sonya said
that cafe
in that street

in Paris
where we sat
last evening

were playing
Charles Trenet's
song La Mer

I recalled
the waitress
with the cute

swaying ***
reminds me
of my youth

Sonya said
my father
sang to me

on his lap
I kissed her

soft wet lips
on warm skin
on Sonya

not on that
French waitress
then lower

on her fig
which we named
the bed creaked

in our room
in that cheap
hotel room

as she sang
La Mer soft
in my ear

as I moved
my *****
into gear.
Sebastian Jun 2015
Du sa mer i tystnad än i orden
Du gav ett namn åt längtan
Inget håller dig bunden

Det var mer än vad jag nånsin gjorde

Tog det första steget, jag förstår det
Man kunde visst ändå,
I rädsla finna modet

Det var mer än vad jag nånsin gjorde
swedish poem by me
CE Thompson Mar 2015
Si le sable tombait de sous mes pieds
comme j'etais courait vers tes bras,
je voudrais nage à travers la vaste mer
vagues me tirant vers le bas en l'obscurité.
j'etais dehors de toi
et pour tu, je chanterais
jusqu'à ce que ma gorge ne plus pourrait parler
et ma voix deviendrait le vent lamentations.
i am currently learning french.  i apologize if this is terrible french, i'm trying really i am.  i just thought poetry in another language would be really cool

— The End —