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Joe Aug 2018
I cannot stand Biology
It's the worst of all the "ologies."
There's so many terms to memorize
That my brain is about to Ionize!
I envy all of the cell's abilities,
(Oh how life has so many ironies!)
If I held the power of Phagocytosis,
(Even the word is so sadly atrocious!)
Then all those terms I'd consume,
And never again I'd assume
Anything to do with Biology!
This poem doesn't flow as well as I'd like, but I think it gets the message across.

Constructive criticism is always welcome!
Yuka Oiwa Jul 2012
I lay the paper on my tongue
and let the ink sink
into taste buds
so that I can recall
the poems when the need is dear
and the light is gone.
I've been storing up poems in my mind for a long time. I think it started with Lewis Caroll's **Jabberwocky** which my mother taught to me. From there on I choose my favorites and recite them until my voice is raw and the memory rawer; until I can't forget. I'm storing these for worse times, although in the meantime they are still a comfort.
I never believed poems had
to be memorized.
The whole  joy of a poem
is in the art
of the words,
the visual
on the page,
the way each letter
clicks into place like
an ****** of feathers
cincturing a beautiful bird!
*A good argument from a typesetter's perspective.
topacio Jan 2016
the great verses would prefer it if you didn't
attempt to commit their curves to memory,

they croak at the idea of becoming stuck
in the empty vessel that is your head,
only to wither away into a few words
short than what was originally said.

they would prefer it if your eyes
didn't insist on gazing over them,
as you untangle the knots of their secrets
like some drunken buffoon
who has
****** their fortune
at the nearby saloon,

you attempt
to unzip
their threads
into a plausible meaning.

or even worse,
determine value
based on
the fluidity
of rhyming words
or the
vertical lines
which slice
their way
down the
blank white
of paper,
jagged mountains of
letters one must painstakingly traverse.

it goes without saying,  
they cringe at your touch
as you awkwardly
stumble your fingers down the
skin of their spine,
like some
graceless ******
who has mastered
the art of spilling
onto the unkept floor,

they prefer instead
the presence of a curious girl,
making her way
towards a window,
where she can
add meaning to thought.

or to remain
housed on the shelf
next to their
brothers and sisters,
to entice strangers
who don't
easily roll into
the company of
suppressed yawns,
to hear their stories.

for these words
cant pick their company
like you or me,
you have already begun
to make a mess
of this one
you see,
unless you are
of course
some curious girl
next to
a window.
Clinger Peace Jun 2015
You can memorize a thousand lines
And you can make a thousand people laugh
You can give time and a half
You can invite people to a world they’ve never been
You can fill their faces with mile long grins
You can hear the thunder of an applause
As hoots and hollers come out their jaws
But when the crowd leaves
When they take away their energy like thieves
It is then that you must return to yourself
When you must return to the person you are
And remember every single emotional scar
When your character goes to sleep
It is you who will have to weep
So you can memorize every line
You can do everything to make your character shine
But when the lights go out
Then you’ll be given back all of your doubt
If you decide that the lines are who you are
And you’re willing to go too far
Then perhaps the character never went to sleep
Maybe all you are is your characters built into a heap
oni Nov 2014
and what use
is the memory
of your anatomy
but another
pocket of knowledge
memorized without

that i cannot
scrub away
i have tested
and failed
even though
i knew
all of the

— The End —